The Best Sporty Chic Style Inspo: Style Tips to Own the Look

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 20, 2022

If you love dressing laid back but want to introduce some refined elements, then the sporty chic style might be perfect for you. From black leggings with tailored tees and belt bags to baseball caps paired with cotton dresses and sneakers, this street style keeps you comfortable and cool. When you go sporty chic, you combine conventionally masculine and feminine pieces for an intriguing fusion worthy of a victory lap. But you don’t have to go for a run or have athletic prowess to own the look.


Learn the tips for pulling off sporty outfits and a few outfit ideas you can put together with items you probably have on hand.


The top 6 best tips for pulling off a sporty chic style


If you want to pull off an effortless sporty chic look, these tips can help you bring the true essence of the style to life. Here, you’ll discover that sporty chic favors a relaxed, modern fit, but it’s never careless or unkempt. So read on to learn how to strike the balance of standing out while staying comfortable.


  • - Create a go-to sporty chic hairstyle

When going sporty chic, perfect the look from head to toe, including your hair. A great go-to sporty chic hairstyle is a sleek high or low ponytail. The hairstyle works well on its own or when threaded through the back loop of a baseball cap to bring the look to the next level.


For other sporty up-dos, try gathering your hair and fastening it with a claw clip, pulling some pieces of hair out in the front for a laidback look. You can always do a half up and half down style if your hair is on the shorter side.


  • - Go for a comfortable fit

​​​​It’s true what they say about comfort being king, or should we say, queen. And it’s especially true when rocking a sporty chic ensemble. That’s because the popular street style is made for women on the go, jet setting from morning hikes to lunch with friends. So get comfortable with your sporty outfit; for starters, you can do so by opting for a casual pair of black sweats and a fitted black tee.


And though the right fit and the classic black-on-black ensemble are enough to make the look comfortable and chic, you can always add accessories. Keep our nylon Strati Sporta perched on your shoulder for a real show-stopper moment.


  • - Layer stylishly

The sporty chic style presents a ton of great layering opportunities. So go for a full sweatsuit and then layer an oversized denim or leather jacket on top of the sporty outfit. It adds that chic element to traditionally sporty attire. Another option for the warmer months is to wear your favorite summer dress with a light jacket and a pair of sneakers for a twist on an old favorite. If the dress is pretty casual, you can also try the baseball hat with a high ponytail to finish off the look.


  • - Add in a pop of color

While words like sporty and casual might have you feeling limited to neutral hues, that doesn’t have to be the case. A pop of color, especially in neon, works well with this street-style fashion. You can wear a bright sweatshirt over a pair of black biker shorts and a pair of sneakers that tie in the color of your sweatshirt.


Or you can opt for a monochromatic outfit in a neutral hue with bold accessories like a bright sling bag. Senreve’s Aria Belt Bag in the shade blush lets you add a touch of delicate pink to your sporty look. Our update to the classic fanny pack curves in all the right places. Plus, this Italian leather convertible belt bag can be worn in multiple ways: as a belt bag, a sling bag, a crossbody, or a clutch. So you can carry your essentials when on the go.


Woman in red dress with light pink belt bag across chest

The Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Blush


  • - Work in your staple accessories

No look in any style would be complete without the accessories needed to maximize an outfit’s potential. So think about your staple accessories for the sporty chic style. Maybe you’re interested in the multifaceted belt bag in a neutral or bright hue that you can wear in several ways to match the mood and occasion. Or, perhaps, you’re tempted by a pair of striking sunglasses to shield your eyes on sunny days.


  • - Find the right footwear

A signature pair of shoes perfects the sporty chic look. So if you’re running errands or completing your Sunday ritual of checking out the local farmer’s market before brunch, then try a pair of dynamic sneakers.


Make sure they provide support and comfort for your hectic lifestyle with just the right amount of style that matches your aesthetic. That could mean opting for an interesting pattern, trying a bold color that matches your wardrobe, or keeping it sleek and simple.


4 sporty chic outfit ideas


Now you have the tips and tricks, here are a few outfit ideas to bring the inspiration to life. These can be your foundation as you develop more intriguing sporty chic outfits.


  1. Finish the look with a belt

Adding a belt instantly makes an outfit polished. So try a pair of relaxed-fit denim jeans and a plain white tee, and then cinch your waist with Senreve’s Mini Cavalla Satchel Bag. The tucked-in T-shirt, belt, and ultra-flattering jeans that look like they were made for you let you keep it casual and semi-athletic without always donning your favorite sweats.


Woman in nature wearing belted yellow purse

The Mini Cavalla Satchel Bag worn as a belt bag


  1. Try athleisure with a shoulder bag

The athleisure inspo remains in full swing, and there are plenty of ultra-chic outfit options to help you feel empowered as you check off all the items on your to-do list. A quintessential athleisure look is black leggings with a cropped hoodie. You can have your sleek high ponytail swishing out the back of your baseball cap while you further accessorize with sunglasses, fresh sneakers, and a shoulder bag.


To marry several tips together to create a perfect union, go for Senreve’s Cavalla Saddle bag in the shade hibiscus for a pop of fuschia that’s sure to tantalize and transfix. Its design is minimalist and chic, with all the right details to celebrate simplicity: the essence of the sporty chic style.


  1. Elevate your loungewear

Both loungewear and athletic wear favor ease of movement over restrictive fabrics. So elevate your loungewear and transform it into a sporty chic ensemble that you can wear outdoors as well as indoors.


For a cozier approach to chillier months, try Senreve’s relaxed fit Cashmere Straight Leg Pant, rendered from the softest cashmere. For luxury reimagined, the pants feature an adjustable drawstring waistband and convenient pockets, just like your favorite pair of sweats. This piece allows for maximum comfort and flatters all body types.


Pair the pants with a fitted tee, and then throw over a hoodie when needed or our Cashmere Capelette to match the pants. This elevated poncho and lounge pants combination allows you to bring the comfort of home with you.


  1. Combine traditionally masculine and feminine pieces

This style celebrates the duality of masculinity and femininity — and it shatters expectations of women’s wear. So wear a cotton jumpsuit in blush pink with white sneakers and a silk scarf tied ‘round your pony. Senreve’s City scarf conjures visions of nights spent exploring a new locale with friends. And if it gets chilly, add a weathered leather jacket to complete the look.


Try the sporty chic style for yourself


A style that prioritizes comfort and fashion is a style made for the modern woman on the go. It’s ideal for the woman that never sacrifices fashion for function and vice versa. So try the sporty chic style the next time you head out to take the world by storm. It’s effortless and easily elevated with the right accessories. Explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers for the perfect pieces you’ll have waiting for you by the door before you head out for the day or night.