9 Street Style Outfit Ideas For On-the-Go Inspiration

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 02, 2022

In most urban areas, the streets are a source of fashion inspiration. But how can you take inspiration from Fashion Week and transform yourself into an active player in the dynamic world of street style? Here’s a hint: you don’t have to be a celebrity, an off-duty model, or a city-dweller to take to the streets and express yourself.


In this piece, you’ll discover street-style outfit ideas to get you started, so you can conquer any look with a personalized spin. Let’s get into outfit ideas that will have you running to your closet to craft daring ensembles that suit your vibrant life.


What is street style?

As the name implies, street style is fashion stemming from, and inspired by, street life. It’s where everyday and celebrity intersect. And thanks to social media, everyone has a platform to rock the roadways in style — sharing their threads to spread influence.

The history of street style dates back to post-World War II Britain, where rationing impacted everyday women’s wear. This can serve as a potential explanation for the style's utilitarian and practical bent that likes to sprinkle a dash of character into the mundane.

It’s important to remember this origin story because the evolution of street style has stayed close to these principles of clothing, both shaping and representing the social climate. The principles of clothing being for the people — accessible to all. With this power in mind, let’s explore several street-style outfit ideas of today.


9 street style outfit ideas

Though street style transcends aesthetics and walks of life, below are just some of the many ways you can style outfit ideas for maximum impact.


  1. Thigh-high boots with a big suit jacket

Long boots that zip up above the knee, skimming the thigh, are edgy and endearing — a perfect combination for streetwear. So when you pair eye-catching boots with an oversized blazer, you get an outfit that demands attention. Incorporate denim shorts or a skirt to highlight that balance of length, cuts, and shapes that make any outfit a symphony instead of one note. A dramatic heeled boot with a structured blazer also works well for streetwear's love of mixing traditionally feminine and masculine styles.


  1. Matching set with a powerful purse

Step out in style with a matching set and a statement purse to convey a put-together yet casual appearance when running errands or hanging out with friends for Sunday brunch. Light linen sets for summer can take the work out of curating the ideal ensemble. And with a striking leather bag on hand, you always have the perfect pièce de résistance.


Senreve’s Maestra bag is that stunning, sleek, and capable-of-anything companion. Featuring eight interior compartments, wear it as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack — so you've got options. Patented for design and utility, which are the hallmarks of street style.


Model holding up maestra purse

The Maestra in Dolce Cement


  1. Biker shorts with high socks

Princess Diana solidified biker shorts as a street style staple in the ‘90s. Forever ingrained in collective pop-culture memory, the biker short and baggy sweatshirt combination is a classic. And it thrives during the shift to warmer weather when mercurial temperatures dominate the forecast. But why not try biker shorts with a slouchy high sock and sneakers, too, to finish off this athleisure look?


  1. Men’s button-down with a belt bag

This idea circles back to street style's ability to shatter the gender binary. Yet, for this idea of opting for an oversized men’s button-down with a relaxed fit alongside jeans or shorts and a belt bag, you’re also breaking down barriers of formality. The untucked loose button-down without a suit jacket is streetwear at its finest, so when you sling a belt bag horizontally across your torso, you’re taking it all to the next level.


With Senreve’s Aria Belt bag, you’ll have an upgraded version of the classic belt bag, complete with three interior pockets that can fit up to an iPhone 11 Plus. But beyond its effortless appearance, this bag’s easily adjustable belt lets the wearer switch seamlessly between a sling bag, a crossbody, or a clutch for upscale occasions.


  1. Slinky slip dress with tennis shoes

A slip dress as streetwear takes another page from the ‘90s with its underwear as the outerwear trend. It’s a provocative yet playful choice that celebrates divine femininity and breaks down the ideas of what’s acceptable to wear outside. So when you finish off the look with tennis shoes or running shoes, you’re adding another layer of intrigue to your ensemble. You’re shattering the traditional ideas of dresses and flats or heels. And it’s a comfortable footwear alternative when you’re busy navigating downtown Manhattan.


  1. Denim on denim on denim

Denim is the epitome of everyday; it’s durable, comfortable, and another street style go-to. So wear that Canadian tuxedo (jeans and denim jacket combination). Or break out the overalls to go for a walk in the park. You can’t go wrong with high-quality denim in its many forms and washes. Style baggy jeans with a classic, fitted white T-shirt, tennis shoes, and oversized sunglasses for an effortlessly cool look.


  1. Baggy T-shirt and cargo pants

The combination of baggy shirts and loose-fitting pants screams street style. It’s reminiscent of hip-hop culture from the ‘80s or the skateboarding scene of the early aughts. But you can still elevate the look with heeled ankle boots peeping out from under the hem of your pants and a bag slung over your shoulder. Senreve’s Strati Sporta can be your new favorite sidekick with this ensemble.


Model in baggy sweatshirt and a sporty purse

The Strati Sporta in Nylon Stone


  1. Colorful dress with a bold mini bag 

Though the street style can dabble in neutral hues and leave areas of experimentation to silhouettes, color is still an important factor. Wear a bright summer sun dress in neon green with a full skirt and match it with a mini bag for a touch of added whimsy. You can throw on your high tops, too, if you are feeling extra adventurous. The Mini Alunna in the color cream will do just the trick as a leading, practical accessory against a bright and bold dress.


  1. Patterned bodysuit with bright pants

Don’t be afraid to incorporate color and different patterns into a bright street-style moment. There are ways to subtly tie colors together throughout the pieces creating some visual cohesion with the perfect dash of chaos. Another way to pair patterns is by including a silk head scarf acting as a headband for a head-to-toe celebration of vibrant hues. Our Women of the World scarf seamlessly elevates any look, drawing confidence from the powerful women behind the design.


Take to the streets and stand out

Street style is about self-expression — incorporating fashion of the moment with the fashion trends from the past for inspired creations. When you experiment with your street style and let yourself break the rules, you defy expectations and liberate your self-expression. Plus, with a tried and true bag, you’ll always have everything you need on hand to take to the streets in style. Explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers to find the right bag for you.