The Alunna and The Mini Alunna: Find Out What Fits

by / Jan 26, 2021

Can’t decide between a Mini or full-size Alunna? Follow our flowchart to land on your perfect match.

Introducing our versatile and bestselling, 
Alunna and Mini Alunna. Like her stunning, multi-tasking cousin the Maestra, Alunna is just as versatile and sophisticated. Although she may not look like she can hold a lot, don’t be fooled. Alunna can handle all of your on-the-go needs. Alunna’s timelessly chic, purposely versatile, and boldly minimalist look is a fashion-forward addition to your closet. Alunna can be worn as a backpack, crossbody, handheld, or shoulder bag. For a statement look, pair Alunna with our new Statement Shoulder Strap, or any of our Acetate Chains.

Mini Alunna in Forest and ChestnutMini Alunna in Pebbled Forest and Pebbled Chestnut.

Interested in learning more about each handbag and what she fits? Read on for a side-by-side comparison of their features. To make the decision even easier, we also asked our SENREVE Octopi community for their input and styling suggestions at the end!

Alunna: Find Out What Fits

Wendy Nguyen wearing Alunna in Pebbled ChestnutWendy Nguyen (@wendyslookbook) wearing Alunna in Pebbled Chestnut

Alunna is a unique and practical addition for every woman on the go. Its supple, stain-resistant micro-suede interior creates a soft and reliable space for all of your most essential items. On the inside, the Alunna Bag features two interior pockets and an internal pen holder, along with a central compartment that fits your Kindle or iPad Mini as well as up to an iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Alunna in Pebbled ForestAlunna in Pebbled Forest

On the outside, its elongated zipper with  a magnetic hold on the side keeps your belongings extra secure, and the exterior card pocket is a great place to store your face mask or metro card. With these organizational features and the many ways you can wear the handbag, the Alunna is just as functional as it is fashionable.

For more details, we listed the dimensions of the Alunna below: 

Alunna Dimensions

Alunna: Find Out What Fits 

Mini Alunna in Pebbled MerlotWendy Nguyen (@wendyslookbook) wearing Mini Alunna in Pebbled Merlot.

The Mini Alunna has a similar silhouette as its big sister but is smaller for those who prefer to carry just the essentials. This is the perfect bag for your card wallet, phone, keys, and other items such as your face mask or lip balm. Mini Alunna features an exterior cardholder and two interior pockets, with a central compartment that fits up to an iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can’t go wrong when traveling with a lighter load.  

Mini Alunna in Pebbled MerlotMini Alunna in Pebbled Merlot.

For a closer look, we listed the dimensions of the Mini Alunna below: 

Mini Alunna Dimensions

Don’t just take our word for it. We asked our Octopi community what’s in their Alunna and Mini Alunna.

Emily Ng: self-proclaimed “handbag fanatic, traveler, foodie taking on the world one OOTD at a time”

1. What’s in your Alunna and Mini Alunna? Love that you have both!
In my Mini Alunna I have my phone, a card holder, a lip balm, a key pouch with my car keys, and a hand sanitizer. It basically has all of my essentials!

In my Alunna I have everything in the Mini Alunna plus a mini hand cream, a pack of tissues, and my sunnies (they lay perfectly right on top).

2. Why did you choose the Alunna in Pebbled Sand and the Mini Alunna in Pebbled Noir?
I have collected quite a number of SENREVE bags and in different colors. Surprisingly, I do not have one in Noir so I thought this was my chance to add it to my collection. I thought the Mini Alunna in Noir would be perfect to bring out to dressier events, as a dark small bag, whereas a larger neutral toned Alunna-sized bag is great for matching outfits for everyday.

Alunna in ScarletAlunna in Pebbled Scarlet

3. How would you style the Alunna for fall/winter? 
Funny you ask because I just did a fall/winter outfits capsule! Both sizes of Alunnas can go well with many cozy sweaters and larger coats due to the long crossbody strap. One of my go-to ways to wear the Alunna is with skinny jeans, booties, cashmere sweater, and a quilted jacket.

4. What’s your favorite way of wearing the Alunna?
My current favorite way to wear the Alunna is having the strap long and wearing it on one shoulder or across the body. It allows for quick access to the inside of the bag and also the outside pocket.

5. Why do you love the Alunna?
Where do I start? The Alunna has the perfect construction. It is durable just like all of SENREVE’s pebbled leather bags and is stain/scratch resistant. It is structured without an organizer but still soft enough to wear against the body. It is versatile and can be worn on the shoulder, crossbody, as a backpack, and hand held! But what really sets the Alunna aside from all of the SENREVE bags in my collection is its slim profile. I love how versatile the Maestra is, but LOVE the thinner profile of the Aria and Alunna. As a petite gal, I want my accessories to be as streamlined as possible since any bulk adds width to my frame. The Alunna can do what the Maestra can when I don't need to carry a laptop or large tablet and looks and functions well for my frame. It is the perfect blend of the Maestra and Aria!

Jillian Z.: SENREVE’s Growth Marketing Manager, online shopping expert, and lover of handbags

1. What’s in your Alunna?
I've got my keys, wallet, phone, SENREVE Face Mask, chapstick, a mini hand sanitizer, and sunscreen if I'm going to be outside for a while... and there's definitely still room for more stuff!

2. Why did you choose the Alunna in Pebbled Ice?
I love neutral colors, and I didn’t have anything in Ice yet! It’s a perfect light blue/grey and it’s great year-round. People typically think of Ice as a summer or spring color, but it’s so neutral that it works for winter and fall, and I plan to use my Alunna year-round!

Alunna and Mini Alunna in IceAlunna and Mini Alunna in Pebbled Ice.

3. How would you style the Alunna for fall/winter?
I'm only into cozy loungewear at the moment, and the Alunna is versatile enough that I can wear it as a backpack to run errands with a cashmere lounge set or out to dinner as a crossbody with a chunky knitted sweater.

4. What’s your favorite way of wearing the Alunna?
As a backpack, of course!

5. Why do you love the Alunna?
It’s so versatile! Being able to wear it as a backpack or crossbody is the best. I've worn it to go biking through Golden Gate Park and walking through the city. I normally don't like to wear crossbodies for a long time because my shoulders get tired, so the backpack is the perfect solution. Also, the Alunna is the  perfect size if I want to carry more than just my wallet and phone, but I still want to travel light. I  love the magnetic closure AND the zipper for double security while walking through the city.

Andrea Chong: founder of and “dedicated to the independent, curious, and adventurous woman” 

1. What’s in your Mini Alunna?
My phone, wallet, car keys, concealer, lip balm, AirPods, and a packet of wipes! 

2. Why did you choose the Mini Alunna in Pebbled Ice?
I'm always a two-bag person: I carry a tote that holds my laptop and documents, and another sling bag for when I'm heading out for meals or a shopping trip! The Mini Alunna has a lot of depth, so I can fit quite a bit of essential items in. The Ice color is also a SENREVE color I don't have. I currently have the Aria Belt Bag in Chestnut and Pebbled Sand, so why not try a different color! 

Mini Alunna in IceAndrea Chong (@dreachong) wearing Mini Alunna in Pebbled Ice.

3. How would you style the Mini Alunna for fall/winter?
Singapore's weather is summer all year round, but if I was traveling, it would definitely be a staple piece in my fall/ winter wardrobe! I can imagine it standing out against a navy sweater, or I can complement it with an off-white colored coat! 

4. What’s your favorite way of wearing the Alunna bag?
I'm currently expecting, so my wardrobe consists of flowy dresses that don't restrict the bump. That's how I'm wearing the Alunna right now!

5. Why do you love the Alunna?
The square boxy shape is really unique, one look and people will recognize it's a SENREVE design!

We Have Great News!

Due to popular demand, SENREVE has re-stocked the Alunna and Mini Alunna and released the Statement Shoulder Strap in a new colorway, Noir. Get yours before its gone!

*Photos courtesy of Wendy Nguyen and Andrea Chong Alunna in IceMini Alunna in Pebbled Ice.