15 Different Ways to Wear a Scarf to Add Flair to Your ‘Fit

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 01, 2022

A scarf is that perfect pop for any ensemble. It’s a subtle signature accessory that instantly elevates your look. But an on-point silk scarf doesn’t have to assume its typical position wrapped around your neck. A silk scarf has bigger plans and infinite possibilities beyond that typical, yet elegant, drape.


So without further ado, here are different ways to wear a scarf. And though this list covers some tried and true favorites and a few fresh ideas, just know that the options are endless.


15 ways to wear a scarf


When you invest in an elegant silk scarf, you’ll want to show it off in a variety of styles for a host of occasions. Let’s explore 15 ways you can maximize this timeless accessory. This list will keep you coming back for more ideas, and, who knows, it might inspire some ideas of your own.


  1. Drape it backward

This is a twist on the quintessential option to drape the scarf forward around your neck. When you go for the reverse effect of covering the front of your neck with the scarf and putting the loose ends behind you, you cultivate a captivating appearance. It’s both unexpected yet practical because it keeps the front of your body free from dangling scarf ends that could make their way into your lunch or paperwork. Practical and differentiating? It’s worth trying.


To fashion the look, simply lay the scarf over your shoulders, keeping the ends in front of your body (for now), then toss each end over the opposite shoulder. And voila — the casual reverse drape that’s easily accessible in a pinch when you need a little extra panache.


  1. Wear it as a head scarf

You’re probably familiar with the numerous ways to tie a scarf around your neck. You’re likely well-versed in the front tie option that most women swear by, but let’s push the envelope further. When you wear your silk scarf as a head scarf, it immediately conjures images of old Hollywood glamour. You can just imagine yourself cruising down Rodeo Drive in a convertible with the top down, accompanied by the perfect pair of shades to shield your eyes from the sun.  


To wear, drape the full width of the scarf over your head to create a faux hood and toss the ends over the opposite shoulder. If there’s extra fabric, you can leave it languidly hanging behind you or tuck the material into the hood you’ve created. Plus, Senreve has the perfect scarf for this divine feminine moment. Hand-stitched in 100% Italian silk, our City Scarf is a mark of empowerment. It seamlessly elevates any look, drawing confidence from the powerful women who inspired the design.


  1. Tie it around the handle of your favorite purse

Accessorizing an accessory is part of the fun when taking your handbag out for errands or lunch with coworkers. A great way to accessorize a bag is with a printed silk scarf tied effortlessly around the top handle. It can take an already fabulous bag with function and form and incorporate a unique addition that puts your mark on your arm-side companion.


On your bag, tie it in a bow along the top strap or completely wrap the handle to cover it with a bold color. Senreve’s signature Maestra bag works flawlessly with our Supernova scarf, which pays homage to the adjustable bag that started it all. The design speaks to the purse’s unique capabilities as well as the inspiring, one-of-a-kind women who adore the bag, using it in their quest to conquer everything with grace.


Model holding up pink scarf

The City Scarf in Blossom


  1. Secure your updo with a statement piece

For those moments where your updo needs a little something special, wrap a silk scarf around your hair tie. You can wrap the fabric several times around the bun or ponytail holder before tying it into a bow or tucking the fabric under the elastic. With the right silk scarf in a daring or dynamic color, you’ll be sure to turn heads. For a bonus tip: weave the scarf throughout your braided ponytail before tying it off at the end with an elastic. This can add a splash of whimsy to match your flowing summer sun dress.


  1. Fasten it in the bow style

For when you want to show off your scarf around your neck with some added dramatic flair, go for the bow style. Here, you’ll use a hair tie and a larger silk scarf. Fold the square scarf in half to create a triangle, drape the triangle behind you, bunch fabric from each side, and tie the elastic over those bow-like loops. This creates a flamboyant element when you’re looking for an avant-garde approach.


  1. Create an adjustable top

The scarves-as-tops-movement might seem intimidating at first. However, if you’re working with a large, durable scarf for maximum coverage, then this trend is a breeze. For a sleeveless beach bathing suit cover-up, fold the scarf into the triangle shape, place the triangle portion in front of your torso with the point of the triangle covering the lower part of your abdomen, and then tie a knot with the loose ends behind your back.


  1. Thread it through your belt loops

A scarf threaded through the belt loops of your favorite jeans is a way to effortlessly add some spunk for a casual night out with friends. It’s straightforward since the scarf acts as a belt. Therefore, securing your pants and potentially breaking up a monochromatic outfit. Pull the loose ends through the loops to the side of your hips, and then simply tie the ends and let them hang.


  1. Join each end with a brooch

A beautiful antique brooch is another option for fastening your scarf around your neck. Instead of tying the loose ends in the front of your chest, pin them together at the front of your neck with a jeweled brooch for added personality.


  1. Make a new headband

For another hair accessory suggestion, use your scarf as a headband. You can fold the scarf into a triangle shape, roll it down toward the tip of the triangle, and then place it over the top of your head before tying the loose ends in a knot at the nape of your neck behind your hair. Or take a tip from wrapping the handle of a handbag, and implement the same approach around a sturdy headband. This is great for that sought-after pop of color.


  1. Twist it around your wrist

When the scarf can transform into another accessory, like a hair accessory, necklace, or bracelet, then it can really display its chameleon-like nature. So wrap it around your wrist for a layered bracelet feel that can bring some colorful hues into play when you’re feeling extra adventurous.


  1. Belt the drape to keep it in place

The classics are a classic for a reason, so drape the silk scarf over your shoulders and then put a twist on this familiar favorite. Let the loose ends hang over the front of your chest, belting them at the bottom to create a vest-like addition to an outfit. And Senreve has a range of belts that double as bag accessories and standalone staples.


With Senreve’s Gemelli collection — where fashion meets function and inspiration meets innovation — the Gemelli belt is sure to be your new go-to accessory. Wear it around your waist, keeping your scarf in place to elevate any outfit and seamlessly update your look.


  1. Go with a classic toss

Drape the scarf around your shoulders, and simply give one end a toss over one shoulder for moments when you’re running out the door. The standard toss isn’t uninspired when you’re working with a silk scarf that’s already the star of the show. It’s best to have one hanging with your coat by the door, so you can always feel confident in your look before executing your to-do list in style.


  1. Incorporate some western flavor 

For occasions when you want a casual but almost cowgirl aesthetic, try the handkerchief look of wearing your silk scarf around your neck in the style of a bandana. This follows that basic triangle fold, keeping the triangle in front of the chest and tying the ends around the back of your neck. It’s great for summer BBQs, camping trips, or casual lunches on vacation when you’re looking to shake things up.


  1. Rock the mock infinity look

Any scarf can become an infinity scarf with a few adjustments. Tie it into one big loop around the back of your neck, and then wrap it around your neck two or three times, depending on the length of the scarf. It’s perfect for avoiding loose ends and keeping your scarf secure as you go about your day.


  1. Try a shawl for formal events  

Most scarfs can double as a shawl, but opting for a high-quality silk scarf lets you transition the shawl to a formal occasion. Imagine outdoor weddings spent dancing under the stars by the beach. With that ocean breeze, you can keep your shoulders warm and wrapped in luxurious silk.


scarf tied around purse handle

The Supernova Scarf


Experiment with your accessories

A silk scarf is effortlessly elegant and endlessly dynamic. With so many style options, there’s always a way to show up feeling like the most confident version of yourself. Whether you prefer the classic scarf styles or you’re feeling inspired by a few new options, Senreve’s scarf collection can help get you started as you hunt for that signature piece. And when you pair a high-quality silk scarf with a well-crafted leather bag, you’ll find yourself attracting double the compliments. So explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers to find the perfect match for your silk scarf.