SENREVE's Tried and True WFH Guide

by / Apr 19, 2020

While nothing compares to days at the SENREVE Flagship, the SENREVE team has been getting by with Google Hangouts and nonstop Slack threads. Last week, we asked you how you’re spending this time at home. We compiled your suggestions and added the SENREVE team’s suggestions into a Work From Home guide. 

In theory, we can roll out of bed in sweatpants and put on a presentable sweater to dial-in to that 9AM meeting, but there are a few steps you should take to make sure you’re operating at your best (and not with 5 cups of coffee before 2PM.) Take a look at the SENREVE guide to working from home.  

The bright side of WFH? Your skin gets a makeup break! Don’t skip out on your skincare routine though, sticking to a daily norm is essential during this time. Make sure you choose a comfortable outfit as well. If you’re feeling unproductive, put on a pair of jeans. The little things seem to help with some normalcy.


Find a dedicated working space, whether it’s the kitchen table or home office. Don’t work from bed (unless it’s an early morning meeting, then I’ll cut you some slack.) Your at home workspace should be your happy place. Make sure you have an outlet nearby and don’t sit too close to your snack cabinet. Sitting near natural light makes all the difference for our team as well.

Work From Home Workspace  

A little background noise makes all the difference. No one wants to sit 8 hours a day listening to their keys type. Put on a podcast or your favorite Spotify playlist. Need some music inspo? Check out the Spotify playlist we listen to at the SENREVE Flagship here. 

We know it’s not the same as talking face to face and video chats… let’s be real - it can be awkward. It’s so important to carve out some time to do a virtual coffee chat with your work wife, or join that virtual team lunch. It’s easy to feel isolated and we realize it’s a difficult issue to talk about. We did some research and asked what apps are helping our Octopi community. Here’s a list below:

  • HearMe - Quick conversations to change your day. You can anonymously connect with an empathetic HearMe Listener in under a minute, for free. Sometimes we just need to let it out.
  • Online Therapy (Try TalkSpace) - There’s no shame in speaking to a therapist virtually during this time! Our Co-Founder has a therapist, acupuncturist and life coach. It’s important to reach out if we’re feeling a little blue.
  • FaceTime - We’re so grateful that technology can connect us to our friends thousands of miles away. Give your bff a lunchtime ring, it’ll give you that extra energy to finish your day.

Make time to move. It’s important to be extra conscientious about moving your body now that we’re all cooped up at home. Do an at home workout (we’ll share our favorites in another blog post - we have so many!) Take a walk (at non-peak hours to practice safe social distancing) or sit outside on your lunch break. Give your eyes a break from the screen and get some fresh air. It is Spring after all and the weather is warming up.

Now that we’re home, we don’t have an excuse to say we didn’t have time to cook! Instead of Postmating that burrito bowl, try to make it yourself at home. Our team has some amazing recipes to share on our Instagram highlights, like Kristin’s world famous chocolate chip sea salt cookies below. What are you interested in trying?

Working From Home Cooking

The SENREVE team tries to cook on weekdays, but we do like to indulge in some takeout on weekends. That being said, support your small business owners! Craving some comfort Japanese food? Order from the local Japanese delicatessen down the street. While gifts and flowers may not be at the top of everyone’s mind, we want to remind you that these businesses are struggling to keep the lights on. Our friends at Farmgirl Flowers have the most beautiful arrangements. We humbly ask you to support them if you have a birthday or special occasion coming up. Whether it’s that local coffee shop, hardware store, or restaurant - we encourage you to shop small.

Small Businesses Farmgirl Flowers
Image courtesy of @farmgirlflowers