At Home

Elevate your space to sanctuary status with our new SENREVE At Home products. Highly limited — discover yours.

Lumi Silk Shirt

Not your ordinary pajama shirt. Made with 100% silk, this sophisticated and versatile short-sleeved top will elevate your loungewear game–you know, since we’re spending more time at home. Pair it with the Lumi Silk Short for a coordinated, head-to-toe silk look.
Lumi Silk Shirt Olive
Lumi Silk Shirt Ash Rose

Lumi Silk Short

It just got even softer in here. Made with 100% silk, these lace-trimmed shorts are the perfect pair to slip into when it’s time to take the curtain call for the day. Style it with your favourite knit sweater for a cozy outfit or the Lumi Silk Shirt for a coordinated look.
Lumi Silk Short Olive
Lumi Silk Short Ash Rose

Luna Silk Shirt

Sophisticated, soft, versatile. Made with 100% silk, this not-so-casual, long-sleeved shirt is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like changing out of your pajamas for that morning Zoom call. Pair it with the Luna Silk Pant for a coordinated, head-to-toe silk look.
Luna Silk Shirt Olive
Luna Silk Shirt Ash Rose

Luna Silk Pant

For the seasoned lounger. Made with 100% silk, these super flattering pants will look good and feel good against your skin. Pair it with the Luna Silk Shirt for a coordinated, head-to-toe silk look.
Luna Silk Pant Olive
Luna Silk Pant Ash Rose


Cozy up for a night in. Shop our neutral agate print or add a pop of color with our 4 two-toned options. Made with 100% cashmere that's soft & breathable, making it perfect for all seasons.
Cashmere Blanket Almond
Cashmere Blanket Shadow
Cashmere Blanket Tuscan Sun
Cashmere Blanket Seacliff
Cashmere Blanket Agate

Shearling Slipper

Give your feet a break. Made with 100% Australian shearling, these indoor slippers are your cozy, stay-at-home companions. It’s like your feet are getting a nice, warm hug at the end of a long day.
Shearling Slipper Mist
Shearling Slipper Plum
Shearling Slipper Smoke
Shearling Slipper Daffodil
Shearling Slipper Carnation

Shearling Sandal

Introducing the SENREVE Shearling Sandal — your newest wardrobe staple to slide into springtime. The ultimate in transitional dressing, these sandals work inside and out, so your feet never have to leave their happy place.
Shearling Sandal Pond
Shearling Sandal Orchid
Shearling Sandal Wheat
Shearling Sandal Smoke
Just like the leather we use for our handbags, we went to the source of the highest quality material — and for cashmere, that’s Mongolia. Each of our cashmere products is hand-knit and hand-dyed from small family-owned farms.

Cashmere Shawl

A two-for-one luxury cashmere essential. The Cashmere Colorblock Shawl is small enough to be used as a scarf but large enough to serve as a throw.
Cashmere Shawl Dusk
Cashmere Shawl Desert Lily
Cashmere Shawl Blue Sage

Cashmere Coatigan

Part coat, part cardigan, the Cashmere Coatigan is the best of both worlds. An elevated, comfortable, everyday essential that can be dressed up for an evening out, or worn at home for a relaxing night in.
Cashmere Coatigan Earl Grey
Cashmere Coatigan Biscotti
Cashmere Coatigan Saffron
Cashmere Coatigan Meringue
100% high-quality cashmere is cozy and breathable. Each piece is purely organic, serving to keep you warm and lasting for seasons to come.

Cashmere Capelette

Wear our Cashmere Capelette working from home or while running errands, dressed-down or dressed-up. Spun from 100% cashmere, this elevating poncho is luxurious and minimalistic.
Cashmere Capelette Midnight
Cashmere Capelette Fog
Cashmere Capelette Cloud
Cashmere Capelette Petal
Cashmere Capelette Oatmeal

Cashmere Straight Leg Pant

Rendered from the softest cashmere, our relaxed fit Cashmere Straight Leg Pant is the luxuriously cozy, breathable item made for doing it all in.
Cashmere Straight Leg Pant Midnight
Cashmere Straight Leg Pant Fog
Cashmere Straight Leg Pant Cloud
Cashmere Straight Leg Pant Petal
Cashmere Straight Leg Pant Oatmeal


Infuse your living space with the delicate scent of places near and far. Our candles are formulated exclusively for us by a master perfumer, and designed for up to 100 hours of burn time.
Candle Sense
Candle Dream