SENREVE’s Guide To Make (And Keep) Your Resolutions

This year, take stock of what’s important in your life and set attainable goals. Sounds scary? We’re here to help. We’ve curated a list of wardrobe staples to help you set goals that will last.

To Be More Sustainable

If your goal is to be a little kinder to Mother Earth, add The Gemelli Tote in Cactus Leather (made with absolutely no animal byproducts) to your everyday outfits.

To get out of your Comfort Zone

Avoid another sleepy Sunday. Seize the day with the hands-free Aria Belt Bag while you venture into something new.

To Start Dressing Up Again

Step one: buy The Alunna Bag. Give yourself a new look this year, to help you feel (literally and figuratively) oh-so-much lighter.

To Get The Promotion

Whether you’re jumpstarting a new career or angling for that big promotion, The Maestra Bag will be right by your side to make sure you look as smart as you are.

To Be Healthier

Who has time to work out? You do, thanks to your handy Doctor Bag— the carryall that seamlessly transitions from the gym, to errands, to evening happy hours.