Innovative Luxury for the Sustainably Minded


Vegan Terra Leather, crafted in Italy from Bio-Tex™ by Biofabbrica, is our most sustainable yet. We are proud to be the first brand to carry this innovative material crafted from 100% traceable plant-based proteins and bio-PU.

Now available in three bestselling styles and five new colorways.

Why Lab Origin Leather?

BioFabbrica uses low-waste supply chains, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 65-80%,
and a unique pigmentation process that produces no dye runoff.

Traceability & Transparency

Vegan Terra is 100% traceable from Lab-to-Brand™, lab-tested and verified.

Beauty & Performance

Vegan Terra is soft, supple and lightweight, yet durable, abrasion-resistant and water-resistant.

Thoughtfully Designed

This innovative new material is soft and supple, and luxuriously durable for our most versatile bag styles. It is powered by Bio-Alloy™, a process that blends selective proteins and bio-based polymers into a unique, lightweight material.

Sustainably Sourced

Vegan Terra Leather is 100% traceable from Lab-to-Brand™. Starting with scientists in the US at Modern Meadow’s labs, Bio-Tex™ is crafted in Italy by artisans at Limonta, and vetted at every step through a rigorous process to ensure sustainable and fair practices.

Backed By Science

Vegan Terra Leather is crafted from Bio-Tex™ and powered by Bio-Alloy™. This molecularly-mixed miscible blend of selected proteins is combined with bio-based polymers to enable the creation of lightweight biofabricated materials that deliver superior color vibrance and durability with a luxurious look and feel.

Transparency At Every Step

Our newest material is 100% traceable from Lab-to-brand™. This means that the technology was developed by scientists at Modern Meadow’s lab in the US, and then developed into luxurious materials by BioFabbrica in partnership with craftsmen at Limonta in Italy. Every step of production has been vetted through a rigorous process to ensure sustainable and fair practices.