Furry Keychain


Furry Keychain

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  • Accessorize Attach to your favorite SENREVE bag
  • Elevated 100% Vegan and 24k gold-plated keychain
  • Playful Details Keychain features an Octopi logo charm
Wear With These Compatible Styles
Aria Belt Bag | Pebbled
Midi Maestra | Pebbled
Cadence Crossbody | Pebbled
Mini Fortuna Bag | Tocca
Fortuna Bag | Tocca
Cornetti Bag | Cactus
Circa Bag | Pebbled
Maestra Bag | Pebbled
Barrel Bag | Pebbled
Mini Cornetti | Piatta Monochrome
Cadence Shoulder Bag | Pebbled
Mini Maestra | Pebbled
Cadence Crossbody | Vegan Amica
Strati Sporta | Pebbled
Gemelli Tote | Cactus
Cadence Tote | Piccola
Aria Élevée Belt Bag | Pebbled
Alunna Bag | Pebbled
Cadence Crossbody | Vegan Terra
Aria Élevée Belt Bag | Vegan Amica Monochrome
Aria Belt Bag | Dragon
Mini Alunna Bag | Pebbled
Doctor Bag | Dolce
Cavalla Saddle Bag | Piatta
Strati Sporta | Nylon
Aria Élevée Belt Bag | Pebbled Monochrome
Cadence Crossbody | Dragon
Mini Barrel Bag | Pebbled
Aria Belt Bag | Mimosa
Aria Belt Bag | Vegan Terra
Gemelli Tote | Dolce
Mini Armonica | Pebbled
Maestra Bag | Mimosa
Mini Maestra | Mimosa
Aria Belt Bag | Cactus
Doctor Bag | Pebbled
Circa Bag | Mimosa
Armonica Bag | Pebbled
Midi Maestra | Mimosa
Mini Maestra | Dragon
Midi Maestra | Dragon
Convertible Jewelry Box Bag | Pebbled
Amalfi Basket Tote | Raffia

Design Notes

Accessories designed for the modern multifaceted woman

Clip the Furry Keychain easily onto your bag with the keychain, or onto your keys with the key ring.
The Furry Keychain is compatible with any SENREVE bag featuring a d-ring or loop. Use the keyring to add onto your keys.

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