Gemelli Belt | Cactus


Gemelli Belt | Cactus

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Aria Belt Bag | Cactus
Aria Belt Bag | Pebbled

Design Notes

Our Most Innovative Material Yet

Mexican cactus plants are trimmed for their mature leaves (never damaging or destroying the plant) and transformed into beautiful, supple, versatile leathers.
The cactus requires no irrigation and grows through CO2 absorption, minimizing the carbon footprint for production. The vegan Cactus Leather incorporates everything we look for in leather (quality, texture, durability) without sacrificing the look and feel.
The Gemelli Belt fits onto any Aria Belt Bag or Coda Belt Bag and can be worn as a belt around your waist. Its length is adjustable between 22.75” - 35.75” and it is 0.75” wide.

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