8 Travel Essentials for Women On The Go

by Sara Wennerstrom / Aug 11, 2021

As the world slowly adjusts to life after lockdowns and restrictions, we’re looking forward to packing our bags and treating ourselves to a much-needed getaway (whether near or far!). No matter your destination, travel is looking a little different these days, so we’ve put together our top 8 essentials for female travelers to help you feel prepared (and safe) for any upcoming vacation. Get your OOO email response ready and we’ll help you take care of the rest.

8 Travel Essentials for Women

  1. A Classic Leather Bag

    A classic leather bag is a travel staple for a reason. The simple, elegant solution that allows you to bring anything and everything you might need to get from Point A to Point B while still looking stylish and put-together. However, not all large leather bags are created equal, so there are a few things you’ll want to look for when selecting your new favorite travel companion.

    For starters, you’ll definitely want to stay as organized as possible during your trip, so look for bags that offer multiple interior pockets to keep all your necessities within reach. Bringing along your laptop? You’ll want a bag that is large enough to fit your laptop size and that has a separate compartment or sleeve to keep your computer safely stowed away. As an extra precaution, some large leather bags have zip closures to keep all of your belongings secure while you’re on-the-go. 

    Lastly, try to select a bag that is scratch-, stain-, and water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about whatever life throws at you on your journey. We recommend our Maestra Bag, a minimal (yet maximized) option made of durable Italian leather and featuring a stain-resistant microsuede interior with room for a laptop up to 15”.

  2. SENREVE / Maestra Bag

  3. A portable charger

    There’s nothing worse than the dreaded red battery icon - especially when you’re traveling. Outlets can be difficult to find when you’re en route to your destination, and if you’re traveling overseas, you might require an adapter or converter once you find one. 

    A portable charger or power bank will save you quite a bit of hassle and is a must for keeping your electronics at full battery while you’re en route to your getaway. Look for options that offer fast charging for your device and have a thin and lightweight design (like this one from Courant).

  4. Sunglasses & Sunglass Case

    Heading to a sunny destination? Don’t forget to pack one (or more!) of your favorite pairs of shades. You’ll want to double check that the options you bring have 100% UV protection and are properly tightened so they stay in place. Once you’ve settled on which pairs to bring along, make sure you’re also packing a sunglass case to keep them from getting scratched or bent when they’re not in use. 

    Made of pebbled leather and featuring a snap closure, our Lunettes Case is the perfect accessory to keep your shades protected. It also features a clip-on ring to attach to your bag (and there are many more ways to accessorize your bag) so you won’t have to worry about leaving your sunglasses behind.

  5. SENREVE / Lunnettes Case in Pebbled Chestnut

  6. An Everyday Bag

    Your large leather bag is perfect while you’re en route, but once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll want a smaller everyday bag to carry with you and hold the essentials. The most travel-savvy women will opt for a versatile piece that can be worn several ways, depending on what activities you plan to get up to throughout the day. 

    Ideally, your everyday bag is something small and lightweight that can be worn cross-body or as a belt-bag (like our Aria Belt Bag) to ward off potential pick-pockets. In addition, choose something in a color that will pair well with the majority of your packed wardrobe and that can transition seamlessly from day to night, eliminating the need to pack more than one handbag on your getaway. 

  7. SENREVE / Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Noir
  8. Packing Cubes

    If you know someone who manages to fit everything they need for a long trip into a tiny suitcase, chances are they’re using packing cubes. One of the greatest travel accessories, packing cubes not only make it easier to fit more into your suitcase, but they also mean never having to haphazardly dig through your luggage to find something again. In addition, they’re a great way to keep your dirty laundry or worn shoes separate from the rest of your belongings. Trust us when we say that packing cubes are an absolute lifesaver (and an organized girl’s dream). 

  9. Packing Cubes

  10. Mini Wallet

    Packing light doesn’t only apply to your suitcase. Large wallets might be exactly what you want when you’re at home, but travel calls for a slimmed-down option. A mini wallet can hold just the few cards you need and makes it easier to transfer from your travel bag to everyday bag, freeing up space for your phone and other needs. 

  11. When choosing a mini wallet, look for something thin, durable, and small (it should be able to fit in your pocket or handbag easily) with enough space for the cards you’ll need to bring along. Our Carte Folio is an excellent example, made with our signature Italian leather and equipped with 7 compartments to keep bank, business, and metro cards secure.

    SENREVE / Card Wallet in Dragon Cream

  12. Hand Sanitizer

    Your health & cleanliness are always a priority, but especially when traveling, so we highly recommend taking a hand sanitizer on your journey. If possible, look for options that don’t leave your hands super dry or too sticky after use. Some hand sanitizers even offer different scents, depending on your preference. And, if you’re flying, you’ll want to look for a version that’s TSA-friendly. 

  13. Touchland Hand Sanitizer
  14. Mask

    Wearing a mask is still required on public transportation and might be needed at various points during your trip, so make sure you’re doing your part to protect yourself and fellow travelers. Instead of packing multiple disposable masks, try to bring a sophisticated, functional, and reusable option in silk or cotton that can be adjusted for a comfortable and personalized fit. For an extra layer of protection, look for masks that feature a pocket where you can insert replaceable filters. Lastly, try packing a few different colors/patterns so you can coordinate with the various outfits you’ve packed.

SENREVE / Interchangeable Silk Face Mask Set

Tips to Make Your Trip Better

While these are our favorite travel essentials, packing for a trip in 2022 is certainly not one-size-fits-all. As you’re packing your bags for your getaway, consider the type of trip you’re going on and pack according to what you might need during your day-to-day routine. A few of our top tips when traveling include:

  • - Bring products to keep you (and your belongings) safe. Consider the safety of the area you’re traveling to and (especially if you’re heading to a large tourist destination) be wary of pickpockets. Choose items that have an extra level of protection, like a zipper or small lock.


  • - Pack items depending on the climate. It never hurts to check the forecast for your destination and pack according to the weather. Make sure to pack rain-friendly shoes and some form of rain jacket or umbrella to save yourself the trouble of having to buy the stereotypical tourist rain ponchos.

  • - Pick the right suitcase. Depending on the length of your trip, make sure you’re choosing a suitcase that will fit everything you need and can be carried or rolled to and from your destination with ease. 

  • - Get travel insurance. Often overlooked, travel insurance is a small add-on that can make a big difference before or during your vacation. Many unforeseen circumstances are covered by travel insurance, so it’s a good idea to add that additional layer of travel protection in case your trip needs to be cancelled or altered at the last minute.

Lastly: enjoy your trip! After such a difficult year, we all deserve some time to get out of the house and have a proper vacation. With these tips and essentials, you can make the most of your time away and plan a trip that is safe and organized. Bon voyage!