How to Accessorize a Bag

by Gina Zubair / Sep 03, 2021

How To Accessorize A Bag in 7 Stylish Ways 

Whether you’re a Tote-carrier, Maestra-lover, or Belt Bag enthusiast, we can all admit that we love a good accessory. And, while handbags are beautiful on their own, there’s something to be said for adding a little something extra. From bag charms to statement straps, we’re walking you through a few of our favorite ways to dress up our everyday bags.

Why Accessorize A Bag?

Maybe you’re looking for a seasonal upgrade or a new spin on a classic bag. Whatever your motivation, accessorizing a bag is a sustainable and chic way to achieve a new look with a beloved handbag. Rather than selecting options and simply hoping they pair well, we recommend taking a thoughtful approach: consider your style, your personality, and the functionality of your handbag, and select a bag accessory that aligns with all three. As with handbags, it’s best to invest in an accessory that will last and look good, complementing your bag in all the right ways.

7 Ways To Accessorize A Bag

1. Swap in a Statement Strap

A playful, impactful accessory, statement straps are a great way to make a small but powerful change. Reminiscent of guitar straps, these are usually wider than typical leather straps, making this accessory both comfortable and fashion-forward. Often, statement straps can be attached via clasp (as long as you’re carrying a bag that can have the original strap removed and has some form of ring or loop to add on a new strap). This is the case with our handwoven cotton jacquard straps, which come in a variety of colors and can be paired with several of our bags to easily switch up their look.

2. Opt for a Bag Chain

Similar to a statement strap, a bag chain offers another way to change up the look of your handbag by adding a different strap. Elegant but edgy, bag chains are like jewelry for your purse and allow you to add an understated metallic element. If you aren’t looking to add a larger stylish element like a statement strap, a bag chain is a more minimalistic option. These can be attached to your purse in a few different ways, depending on what loops or rings are available for the ends of the chain. We’re huge fans of the look - which is why we have three different bag chain options that work with a variety of our handbags: the Clutch Chain, the Beveled Chain, and the Link Chain

3. Attach a Bag Charm

Why only add a chain when you could add a charm? Bag charms are a beautiful way to personalize your handbag, so opt for charms that both look great on your bag and speak to your personality. If you’re the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, you can wear one on your bag as well. Or maybe you’re feeling especially connected to your star sign, in which case we think a star charm would be a match made in heaven. Or, for the dreamers and the doers, our Organic Pearl Gold Charm not only adds a stunning pearl detail to your handbag, but proceeds from the charm go towards Oceanic Global, supporting grassroot initiatives to save our oceans and industry solutions to minimize environmental footprint.

4. Use a Printed Scarf

You can’t go wrong with a silky and soft bag scarf. Bag scarves are stunning accessories that can be used in many ways, both on and off your handbag. On your bag, tie it in a bow along the strap or completely wrap the handle for an elevated new look. When you’re not using it on your bag, bag scarves can be worn around the neck, wrist, or as hair accessories. We’re especially partial to our City Scarf, which is available in a variety of hues and features a hand-drawn pattern inspired by our favorite places (like our Tuscan artisan workshop in Italy, our headquarters in San Francisco, and our first international office in Hong Kong). 

5. Ribbons

A pared-down version of a bag scarf, ribbons are a simple and lovely way to make your bag look a little more festive. Select a complementary color and tie your best bow around the strap, handle, or any hardware on your bag for a pretty, feminine accent. Cut the ends of the ribbon short for a more prim and put-together bow or keep them long and loose for a more effortless, whimsical look.

6. Add a Mini Bag

We’re happy to report that the tiny bag obsession is here to stay. While super-small bags aren’t the most useful when you have a few things to carry, that doesn’t mean they can’t still be a part of your look. The solution? Give your larger, more practical bag its own mini-me by attaching a tiny bag to the outside. Plus, some mini bags (like our Milli Maestra, the smallest sister in our Maestra collection) are just big enough to hold your AirPods or lipstick, making the addition of a mini bag both fashionable and functional.

7. Monogram for an extra-personal touch

Adding your initials to your bag is about as personalized as it gets. While not technically an “accessory”, this add-on makes your favorite handbags that much more special. While there are certainly ways to DIY, if you’re looking to add a custom monogram to your bag, we suggest having it done professionally. You can also reach out to customer service at your favorite stores, since some brands will offer hand-painting or monogram additions when purchasing a handbag or at events.

Not just for the statement-makers, bag accessories can look as bold or as minimalist as your wardrobe requires. With such a wide variety of styles and colors, the opportunities to add a little something special to your handbag are endless. As firm believers in investing in bags that are classic and durable, perfect for travel, work, or staying at home, we think bag accessories are a perfect way to switch up the look of your favorite handbags, allowing them to be as versatile and fashion-forward as you need them to be.