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Card Wallets: What to Look for When Buying One

Card Wallets: What to Look for When Buying One

For the SENREVE woman, a card wallet is an unsung hero, helping keep her day-to-day necessities organized and within arms reach. They are an accessory to her accessory. The perfect companion for her handbag or when she's on-the-go. 

A good card wallet is capable of protecting IDs, credit cards, and even the occasional cash while offering organization and flexibility. 

It's often assumed that women do not carry their necessities in a minimalist way. In fact, over time, handbags and wallets have grown in size and capacity, and the number of items we carry has grown proportionally. 

Now, however, the elegance and simplicity of minimalist design are returning to our everyday lives. Designers today are capable of producing beautiful pieces in a variety of colors and materials, making it easier than ever for every woman to find the card wallet best suited to her needs and style.  

The type of wallet you use should depend on what you do day-to-day. Do you find yourself reaching for only a handy cardholder when you are on the go? Or do you prefer to have your full handbag at your side no matter what? Do you need something with zippers to hold more cash and coins, or do you primarily use only cards throughout the day? 

Read on to learn more about what to look for when buying your next card wallet.  

What to Consider When Buying Your Next Card Wallet  

Before you buy your next card wallet, there are few things, such as size, style, material, and overall appearance you should consider.  


There are two things to keep in mind when choosing the ideal size for your next card wallet: The first is how many items you expect to carry in your wallet day-to-day. The second is the size of the handbag you want to pair the wallet with. 

If you already own a small designer purse and do not have plans to upgrade to anything larger, then you are restricted in the size of the wallet you can purchase. 

However, when it comes to card wallets specifically, they are oftentimes even smaller than a traditional wallet and are more capable of fitting into smaller bags. If you are someone that needs to carry coins with you, make sure you leave room for a separate coin purse, as well.  

If, on the other hand, you would prefer to have all of your essentials in one place, a larger wallet may be a better option for you. A larger wallet will be able to hold everything from cards to cash and even coins. 

Often, the difference between a wallet and a card holder is the addition of pockets or folds to leave space for cash and coins. Now though, most of us rely heavily on our cards over cash in our modern world and therefore don't require a larger wallet. 

In general, consider what you find yourself using most often every day and think through opportunities to downsize. For example, do you need all of your loyalty cards at your fingertips, or can you access a digital version from your phone instead? What are the 2 or 3 cards you find yourself using every day?  


Outside of size, another important consideration when purchasing a card wallet is the overall shape. Women's wallets come in a variety of different styles, making it easier to pick something that works for your aesthetic.

If you are looking for something ultra-thin, a foldable wallet or card holder is going to be your best bet. They won't be able to accommodate anything bulky, but they do fit into small pockets and compartments, as well as into a clutch pretty easily.  

Another style consideration is the type of closure the wallet has, which can make it more or less secure. A zipper closure is best when it comes to enhanced security, but if this is not as much of a concern for you, then a clasp or foldable wallet will also do the trick. 

If you are someone who varies the number of items carried day to day, an accordion wallet could be a great choice as it's designed to expand in order to accommodate more or less items. They are also fairly slim to start, making them one of the more flexible designs overall. 


When in doubt, always opt for a leather option when it comes to women's wallets and handbags. Leather is the most common material for good reason. It's elegant, durable and has persisted over time.  

While fabric wallets are a great second option, they are ultimately not as durable and do have a tendency to attract dust and dirt more easily. They are also more difficult to get clean than a leather option and usually require professional cleaning.  

How Much It Stands Out

Do you prefer people to notice the color or design of your wallet? Do you prefer something more subtle? These are important considerations for deciding on the wallet that you will be happy to look at every day. 

For example, your wallet can be a compliment to your current purse design, but it doesn't have to be. It can also be a fun pop of color if your handbag is more neutral in tone. On the other hand, if most of your colors are earth-toned and you prefer your wallet to blend, you may want to go with something brown or black. 

Overall, your wallet is a smaller item compared to your handbag, so you should feel comfortable experimenting with design, texture, and color. 

Ready to buy you next card wallet? Check out the SENREVE Card Wallet, the perfect sized wallet, coin purse, and card holder all in one. It fits easily inside all of our bags and is currently offered in 17 different colors.  

If you're looking for a little something smaller, consider the SENREVE Carte Folio, a card holder with 7 compartments to hold your credit cards, business cards, and anything else you'll need to keep safe and handy. 

Keep reading to learn the different between these two wallet styles, and how to take care of your new wallet to keep it looking new for longer.

Card Holders vs. Wallets 

The main difference between a wallet and a card holder is that a wallet can hold more. Additionally, wallets traditionally have more pockets and usually a zipper or two, making them perfect for keeping safe any smaller items you're worried about losing. The downside of a wallet is also its main benefit - its size. They are bulkier overall than card holders, making it easy to carry more items than we should. 

Card holders on the other hand are slim in design and offer functionality without taking up too much space. They are often made from the same type of material as wallets, namely leather, and fit nicely into a pocket without weighing you down. Carrying a smaller wallet can also help you declutter if you are someone that tends to carry more than necessary. 

Maintaining Your Card Wallet 

 Wallets overall are less likely to encounter accidents and spills, but they do still require proper care to maintain a long life. 

For example, if you tend to carry many items in the main compartment of your handbag, you may consider finding a separate pocket for your wallet to help prevent anything from rubbing or tearing the wallet. 

In general, a leather wallet can be cleaned like any other leather product, using a microfiber cloth and leather lotion.  

If you are someone that rotates through different wallets, be sure to store unused wallets in a safe, dry location off of the floor, and consider using a dust bag. 

Bottom Line 

A card wallet is a great option for those looking to add extra organization in their handbag and store important items such as IDs, travel documents, and cash. Before you purchase, consider how you plan to use your wallet as this will help guide you towards the decision best for you and your current style. 


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