Neutral Color Bags: Which Neutral Is Right For You?

by Sara Wennerstrom / Oct 05, 2021

There’s nothing quite like a good neutral bag. And, while fall fashion typically brings these colors to mind (think: rich chocolate browns, classic beiges, perfect taupe shades), neutral-toned bags transcend the fall season, pairing effortlessly with your wardrobe throughout winter, summer, and spring as well. When selecting an accessory this versatile, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the neutral that works best for you and your style. To help, we’re outlining our eight (yes, eight!) neutral handbag colors and what sets each apart - so you can find the perfect hue for you.

1. Chestnut

Cadence Crossbody in Pebbled Chestnut

Our rich warm medium-brown color, available in two leathers (pebbled and dragon). Pairs best with gold accents.

In comparison:

  • - Lighter and warmer than our Chocolate color
  • - Darker and more saturated than our Latte color
  • - Lighter, ever-so-slightly warmer, and with less of a glossy finish than our Pecan color

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2. Sand

SENREVE | Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled SandAria Belt Bag in Pebbled Sand

Part of the tan/beige family, Sand is a cooler-toned neutral with undertones of olive and grey. This best-selling color is available in pebbled leather and mixed leather/suede.

In comparison:

  • - Cooler and lighter than our Latte color
  • - Less sheen and slightly cooler in tone than our Taupe color

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3. Blush

SENREVE | Lunettes Case in Pebbled Blush Lunettes Case in Pebbled Blush

The perfect white-based pink hue, our Blush color can appear lighter or slightly darker pink, depending on the lighting. Available in pebbled leather, this soft shade is a great option for those who prefer more of a rosy-tinted neutral.

  • - Darker and warmer than our Cream color
  • - Lighter and warmer than our Mauve color

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4. Latte

SENREVE | Circa Bag in Taupe Circa Bag

True to its name, our Latte color is a warm-toned brown neutral. Available in mimosa and dragon leather options.

In comparison:

  • - Warmer and has more of a brown hue than our Taupe or Sand colors
  • - Lighter and less saturated than our Chestnut color

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5. Butterscotch

SENREVE | Doctor Bag in Dolce ButterscotchDoctor Bag in Dolce Butterscotch

A stunning honey-colored light tan, Butterscotch is available in our soft dolce leather. The color can appear more tan or more gold depending on the lighting and is our most golden-toned neutral option.

In comparison:

  • - More golden than our Blush color

6. Chocolate

Aria Belt Bag in Dolce Chocolate

The ultimate classic: our deep chocolate brown. Available in our soft dolce leather.

 In comparison:

  • - Significantly darker and slightly cooler than Pecan
  • - Warmer than Charcoal

7. Pecan

Aria Belt Bag in Vegan Pecan

A glossy medium-brown that’s available in our 100% vegan Saffiano leather.

In comparison:

  • - Slightly darker, ever-so-slightly cooler, and with more of a glossy finish than our Chestnut color

8. Taupe

Maestra in Vegan Taupe

A cool-toned grey/beige in our 100% vegan Saffiano leather.

In comparison:

  • - Lighter, slightly warmer, and has a glossier finish than our Sand color


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