Colors of Summer: What kind of outdoor adventure should you go on?

by Alice Shen / Aug 13, 2020

Just a friendly reminder: we’ve got a little over a month of summer left. So if you wanted to take that outdoor trip, now’s your chance. In fact many of our SENREVE team members recently joined Mother Nature via socially-distant, small-group hikes in Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake

If you didn’t consider yourself an outdoorsy person before, now is a great time to try new things! Perhaps you’re just looking for a new adventure to spice up your summer, or you’re on the hunt for a forest-inspired accessory to take anywhere outside of your house.

Either way, we’ve got you covered with our quiz below.

SENREVE Maestra in Dragon Chestnut

Read on to get inspired and find out which adventure you should go on next, plus what colored bag you should bring along. 

 Forest-themed Maestra bags

1. There’s a crossroad in front, what kind of route would you take? 
A. Rugged wilderness
B. Peaceful countryside
C. Dramatic coasts
D. Beautiful mountains

2. What is the first thing you bring on a hike?
A. Bug spray
B. Camera
C. First Aid Kit
D. Compass

3. What kind of snack do you bring?
A. Chocolate
B. Peanut butter protein balls
C. Cinnamon apple chips
D. Beef Jerky

4. What are you looking forward to on a hike?
A. Foraging
B. Taking IG photos
C. Breathing in the fresh air
D. Achieving a goal

5. What kind of hiking partner do you think you are?
A. Wanderer
B. Photographer
C. Follower
D. Leader

Did you remember your answers? Find the results to match below to find your next outdoor adventure and the perfect SENREVE bag to take with you.

Mostly A’s Hiking


 You’re looking to be one with nature. Immersing yourself in the great outdoors and discovering the beauty of nature at your own pace is your idea of an escape. Carry what you need on your back and blend into your surroundings with a Forest or Pine-colored bag. 

SENREVE Aria in Dragon Forest Aria Belt Bag in Dragon Forest, $495



Mimosa Pine Maestra

Maestra Bag in Mimosa Pine, $995

Mostly B’s Camping


You’re looking to recharge your battery and enjoy the much-needed escape from the stresses of work life. Although peace and quiet is what you need, it doesn’t mean your accessories need to be, so luxe it up with beautiful colorways like Merlot Leopard or Noir Leopard.  

 SENREVE Aria Belt Bag in Merlot Leopard

Aria Belt Bag in Merlot Leopard, $545


Noir Leopard Envelope Sleeve

Envelope Sleeve in Noir Leopard, $350

Mostly C’s Parasailing


You’re looking for a true escape, and nothing says freedom like sailing through the sky with the wind beneath your wings. Channel your inner Mother of Dragon with a bag in a powerful color and texture like Dragon Chestnut or Dragon Aubergine.

 SENREVE Aria Bag in Dragon Chestnut

Aria Belt Bag in Dragon Chestnut,  $495

Dragon Aubergine Midi Maestra

Midi Maestra in Dragon Aubergine, $1,075


Mostly D’s Rock climbing

Rock Climbing

You’re all about the adventure and in search of a challenge, so rock climbing is definitely not for the faint of heart. As an activity that challenges you both mentally and physically, practical and no-fuss colors, like Dragon Storm or Chocolate, are the bag shades-of-choice for you. 

SENREVE Aria Belt Bag in Dragon Storm

Aria Belt Bag in Dragon Storm, $495

SENREVE Voya Tote in Dolce Chocolate

Voya Tote in Dolce Chocolate, $995