The Best Crossbody Bags with Changeable Straps

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 20, 2022

A crossbody bag is a hands-free and wearable fan favorite in the product category of everyday bags for women. Offering the convenience and practicality of a tote bag without the limiting nature of the one-shoulder carry, crossbodies are celebrated for their comfort and utility. But what’s even better is that a crossbody or shoulder bag can be practical without giving up style — opening up a world of possibilities.


Crossbody bags with changeable straps take this even further. Flip the script with a new strap whenever you’re in a style rut. So when the strap included isn’t fitting your vision for the occasion at hand, swap out a different shoulder strap that does. Read on to get inspired!


The top 9 must-have crossbody bags with changeable straps


Check out the nine must-have crossbody bags that feature adjustable straps and the option to swap out the straps attached when the occasion calls for it.


   1. Aria Belt Bag


The Aria Belt bag is an updated take on the quintessential fanny pack. But instead of solely wearing it around your waist, you can style it as a crossbody, sling, or clutch. This structured bag is effortless and captivating. For a shoulder moment or a crossbody with an elegant upgrade, introduce a metal chain or ditch the straps altogether for a showstopping clutch.


   2. Mini Alunna Bag


The Mini Alunna bag is an endearing handbag that styles seamlessly as a top handle bag. But don’t hesitate to wear it as a backpack, over the shoulder, or as a crossbody to embrace the bag’s endless options. You can also try our limited edition Rainbow Acetate chain for a bold and bright choice to show off your colorful personality.


Two neutral toned mini bags

The Mini Maestra and the Mini Alunna with Statement chains


   3. Cadence Crossbody


With clean lines and thoughtful details, the personal care put into the Cadence Crossbody is evident throughout the bag's design. The sleek shape is modern Italian elegance at its best. Plus, it comes with a coordinating leather strap that you can wear on its own as a belt. The bag’s interior loops allow its compatibility with our Flat Long Convertible chain, Long Link chain, Statement strap, and Beveled Shoulder chain.


    4. Circa Bag


Bring your outfit full circle with our Circa bag. This adaptable rounded bag has a distinctive flat base, so you can rest it down when you get to the office or brunch with friends. It works as a backpack, shoulder bag, top handle, or crossbody. And the options keep coming since it also accommodates Senreve’s Statement strap and Beveled Shoulder chain.


   5. Strati Sporta


The Strati Sporta in the nylon material option or the pebbled leather is the bag for women on the go — lightweight, classic, and cool. The Sporta’s Crescent Clasp is a twist on the beloved Senreve buckle closure and brings something unconventional to the table.


The bag looks chic and sophisticated worn over one shoulder, but the Strati strap offers an instant upgrade. This lightweight, adjustable strap clips onto your Strati silhouettes (or Aria Belt bag) for the perfect crossbody style.


   6. Mini Maestra


The Maestra bag is our staple do-it-all accessory, and the Mini Maestra is a compact version of the bag that still fits an iPad or a Kindle with other interior pockets for storage organization. This leather backpack-meets-handbag offers style options and strap options. Try the lavender shade with our Rainbow Acetate chain to dazzle onlookers with fashion inspiration.


   7. Alunna Bag


The Alunna, the larger version of the Mini Alunna, has a design that’s closely related to the Maestra style but with a slimmer profile, which makes it sleek and just as capable. It offers strap options like our Infinity Acetate chain when you want a striking accessory for your accessory. Try the shoulder or bracelet lengths, depending on whether you want an edgy over-the-shoulder style or a top handle with some flair.


woman holding pearl chain strap attached to purse

The Pearl shoulder strap


How can I take my crossbody bag to the next level?


A new strap not only shapes how you wear your bag, but fully adjustable, high-quality bag straps can add a unique change in texture and color to your arm-side accessory. With several Senreve bags, there are options beyond the classic leather strap to add something extra to your multifaceted crossbody.


A chain crossbody moment can add a splash of allure to your outfit, but chains and statement straps aren’t the only way to embellish a bag. Venture into other accessories like silk scarves tied around a bag’s handle or small leather goods to attach to your bag. Our Supernova scarf is a celebration of our Maestra bag that started it all, so it looks extra special wrapped around the handle of any size in the Maestra family.


How to style chains and straps


Let’s dive deeper into how to style chains and straps. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what defines certain styles and when to wear them.


Single clasp


This chain style features a single lobster claw closure that connects to itself like a necklace. So imagine it wrapping around loops along the outline of the bag. Thread it through the exterior loops of the Cadence for a style level-up. The single clasp is for when you want to take a little extra time to perfect your look for a night out or to support a sturdier bag.


Double clasp


The double claps are the easy swap-out strap option since it features two clasps to attach to loops on both sides of a bag. They come in a small and larger style — the former being a touch more delicate. A great example of this is our Pearl Shoulder chain that can transform our belt bags into shoulder bags. This strap style is compatible with a lighter-weight evening bag.


Long convertible link chain


The long convertible link chain style is typically a single clasp style. So it wraps around the loops on a bag’s exterior. Our Long Link chain can convert your Aria belt bag into a shoulder bag or crossbody when you want to change up your look.


Flat convertible link chain


Similar in concept to the long convertible link chain, the flat style simply features a flat-edged style of links. Our Flat Long Convertible chain comes in gold and silver and is a removable and fully adjustable elegant metal chain strap. It's the perfect bag addition to take your look up a notch.


Beveled shoulder chain


The Beveled Shoulder Chain falls into the small double clasp product category. It can turn a belt bag or clutch into a shoulder bag. Switch out the leather strap for this chain on any small-sized bag with loops for an evening look. Plus, our Beveled Shoulder Chain doubles as a necklace too.


Statement shoulder strap


The statement shoulder strap lets you add a pattern or color to your handbag. So it’s playful but still powerful. Our Statement strap’s wide design distributes weight evenly across your shoulders for ideal comfort. Clip any small pouch item (we suggest our Milli Maestra) onto its metallic D-ring detail to store a few extra belongings, like your favorite lipstick, hand sanitizer, or Airpods.


Flat acetate chain


Senreve’s Flat Acetate chain has a similar flat-edged appearance to the Flat Long Convertible chain, but with extra oomph. It’s a double clasp style, handcrafted from Italian Acetate, and this chain comes in two lengths: shoulder and bracelet, just like the Infinity Acetate chain. It’s edgy and dynamic and makes any Senreve bag a showstopper.


Angled acetate chain


The Angled Acetate chain is a larger version of our signature Beveled Chain link, with flattened sides for an intriguing finish. It’s also Italian acetate and features two lengths of shoulder and bracelet. You can go for the ice marble design for an elevated street style look or the dusty rose for an office-ready ensemble.


Infinity acetate chain


To create that figure-eight shape of our Infinity Acetate chain, we’ve implemented two shapes – classic link and interior floral. It has bracelet and shoulder styles and a striking amber option that can warm up any outfit, day or night. Like the other acetate chains in Senreve’s collection, it’s a double clasp style.


Small purses with statement acetate chains

Senreve Acetate Chains


Take your bag to the next level


When you invest in a quality leather bag, you want form and function and for it to look chic and timeless on its own. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have options to work with your dynamic aesthetic. When you explore Senreve’s collection of crossbody bags, you’ll find that they encourage transformation. They applaud individuality and the many occasions that your life has to offer. So switch up your straps and add a silk scarf around the handle when the mood strikes.