The Best Work Bags For Women Who Run The World

by Jillian Zhang / Nov 23, 2021

As women, we carry our life in our bags - and no bag is as important as our work bag. It’s not easy to find an option that fits a laptop and our other daily essentials, while also being fashionable, work-appropriate, and not too bulky. If you’re searching for the perfect work bag to suit your lifestyle - whether it be a leather tote, shoulder bag, or something else - we’ve rounded up the best types of work bags for women. 

What defines a work bag?

The perfect work bag should fit everything you need to bring to your workplace. Of course, not all professions require the same daily needs, but all work bags should satisfy both the function and the fashion of the person wearing them. On top of that, the best work bags will be high-quality, durable (after all, you will be using this bag almost every day) and big enough to fit anything and everything you may need.

Best Work Bags for Women

1. Senreve Maestra Leather Bag

Gemelli Tote in Vegan Cactus Leather

Our favorite and all-time best work bag for women is the classic SENREVE Maestra Leather Bag. You can wear it as a backpack but it also converts into a shoulder bag or crossbody bag. It also features a top handle so you’ll be able to carry it in one hand or in the crook of your arm. The interior features seven different pockets, including one that will fit a 13’’ laptop, and a key clip so you’ll never have to dig through your entire bag to find your keys.

2. Vegan Leather Tote

SENREVE Maestra Bag

For the eco-conscious professional, consider a work tote made of faux leather. It’s important to find one that is as durable and as functional as a classic leather work tote, as many vegan leathers can be quite flimsy. The SENREVE Armonica Tote and the SENREVE Gemelli Tote are both great options for long-lasting faux leather work bags that are just as functional as they are beautiful.

3. Backpack

A backpack is a great option for a women’s work bag because it is normally big enough to carry a laptop, books, a water bottle, wallet, and keys. You can often fit more into a backpack than you would a traditional tote bag as well, since the weight of your belongings is distributed evenly across both shoulders. The SENREVE Maestra Bag is a great option for a convertible work backpack and it is also water, scratch, and stain resistant, with a zipper and buckle closure for additional security.

4. Structured Leather Tote

A structured leather tote works great for women who like to carry shoulder bags or work totes. Most will fit a laptop with plenty of space for additional items, like a water bottle, a change of clothes, keys, and a mask.

5. Doctor Bag

Doctor Bag in Blush

Doctor bags are a great option for those who don’t need to carry a large laptop to work. They were historically carried by physicians to the hospital or office, filled with medical supplies and smaller equipment. Modern-day Doctor bags (like our SENREVE Doctor Bag) are inspired by this classic tote bag style and offer a chic way to elevate your work wardrobe.

6. Canvas Tote

If you don’t carry a heavy laptop with you to work, a canvas tote bag is a great option for those who want to travel ultra-light. They’re also very on-trend at the moment, and you can find great sustainable options in a variety of designs and styles as well.

7. Market totes

Typically a two handle, top handle structure, this style of bag was created specifically for use during trips to the market and was made from either leather or canvas. Nowadays, these are also great options for work bags thanks to their simplicity and ability to fit so much.

8. Senreve Armonica Tote

The SENREVE Armonica Tote fits up to a 15” laptop and has a thick strap for a more even weight distribution across the shoulder. It also has a key clip and several interior pockets to keep your belongings organized. For those looking for a vegan option, it is also made of a luxurious vegan leather (or faux leather).

9. Briefcase

A briefcase is essentially a laptop bag with a little extra room for your other necessities. Normally in a hard shell case, these are often leather bags with an additional strap for you to wear them as a shoulder bag.

9. Satchel Bag

A satchel bag is traditionally used to carry books. It features a longer strap that can be worn across the body, but can also be worn as a shoulder bag. Many women opt to use a satchel bag when they want to remain hands-free to carry other things.

10. French Basket Bag

A French basket bag is also a great option for a work bag, particularly during the summer. Normally made of raffia material, French Basket Bags offer a unique shape that definitely stands out from the traditional canvas or leather work bags and pairs great with dresses, skirts, and other summer fashion staples.

11. Laptop Bag

Envelope Laptop Sleeve

Of course, laptop bags have always been the ultimate work bags. In our opinion, the best type of laptop bag is one you can fit into your existing work bag. The SENREVE Envelope Laptop Sleeve was made exactly for this, so you can protect your laptop but still carry everything you need in one bag. The Envelope Laptop Sleeve fits into the Maestra Bag, Armonica Tote, and Voya Tote, but can also be used by itself when you want to travel light.

What to look for in a women’s work bag?

  • Size matters for women’s work bags

One of the most important things to look for in a women’s work bag is the size. Most corporate jobs require bringing a laptop to work, meaning you will definitely need a bag wide enough to fit your laptop. Most people will also opt to bring their own water bottles to work, so having a compartment on the interior or exterior of the bag that fits your water bottle is ideal. Keep in mind that if you need to bring a change of clothes for the gym or dinner after work, your work bag will also need to accommodate that space. All to say - in the case of women’s work bags, size matters.

  • Pick your work bag in a neutral color and timeless design

Ideally, the work bag you choose is something that will go with every outfit you wear. With that in mind, pick your work bag in a neutral color and try to stay close to timeless designs, away from novelty bags. Some of our favorite neutrals are a rich brown (Pebbled Chestnut), a classic black (Pebbled Noir), or a versatile tan(Pebbled Sand). It’s important to make sure that the style and color of bag you choose will truly go with everything you wear to (and from!) work.

  • Invest in a work bag made of durable material

Since you’ll be wearing this bag so frequently, you’ll want to invest in a work bag made of durable material. Flimsy canvas totes are great for lighter objects or grocery runs, but these will likely break or stretch under the duress of a laptop, water bottle, and all your other essentials. Instead, consider a leather bag or leather tote, ideally with top handles. All of our leathers are also scratch, stain, and water resistant (including our bestselling Pebbled leather and our Vegan leather options) so you’ll never have to worry about babying your work bag. For long-lasting materials that will withstand your daily commute, look for leather made in either Italy or Spain (like our SENREVE leather bags!).

  • Consider security features (hidden pockets, etc)

The last thing to consider in work bags are any organizational or security features you could see yourself using. A zipper to close the bag in addition to a buckle works great for a city where pickpocketing might be a concern. Interior pockets are also a game changer for those who carry around smaller objects, like a phone, a wallet, or headphones. If you are often misplacing your keys, high quality shoulder bags and leather totes often have a key clip for convenience and additional security.

Whether you end up with a tote, laptop bag, backpack, or satchel, any of these bags will be great for your 9 to 5. If you’re looking for a high quality, fashionable, versatile, and functional bag, check out for bags to go even beyond your daily work hours.