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Maestra Family Size Comparison

by / Nov 18, 2020

At SENREVE, we value versatility, designing handbags that can be your daily companion and can transition easily from day to night.  We offer our Maestra family of handbags in three sizes for precisely that reason, so there is a Maestra for every moment and occasion.  

SENREVE Maestra, Midi Maestra, Mini Maestra Mini Maestra in Pebbled Cream; Midi Maestra in Mimosa Storm; Maestra Bag in Pebbled Noir

We are excited to spotlight Vanessa Ulrich of @theprimpysheep, a SENREVE ambassador and a valued member of the SENREVE Octopi Community. A marketing director by day, Vanessa blogs about fashion and travel from her home in Baltimore, Maryland, writing about things that make life more beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable. Read on to see Vanessa’s photos comparing our Maestra family in her favorite colors, and learn more about each of our signature handbags: the Maestra, the Midi Maestra, and the Mini Maestra.  

SENREVE Maestra Family

Mini Maestra in Pebbled Cream; Midi Maestra in Mimosa Storm; Maestra Bag in Pebbled Noir

Vanessa also shared her thoughts on our newest addition to the Maestra family, the adorable and petite Milli Maestra, perfect for toting around your Airpods, lipstick, or hand sanitizer.  Wear it on its own or use it as the perfect accessory for your Maestra Bag, tucking it inside for organization or attaching it outside as a bag charm. Vanessa shares her Milli Maestra tips below!

How do you carry the Milli Maestra?
I've been wearing it as a crossbody and attached to the outside of other bags. It's so dainty, it definitely catches people's attention when they see it's a bag itself!

SENREVE Mini Maestra and Milli MaestraMini Maestra in Pebbled Dandelion and a matching Milli Maestra in Pebbled Dandelion 

What do you put in your Milli Maestra?
Lip balm, a mini perfume roller, and my house keys.

SENREVE Milli MaestraMilli Maestra in Pebbled Merlot and Pebbled Marine

What are the other ways you wear the Milli Maestra?
I love that it comes with a keyring so I can attach it inside any Maestra bag, or attach it to my keys. The thin strap can also be worn as a crossbody or belt. I think you could get really creative and wear it wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet, too.

SENREVE Milli Maestra
Milli Maestra in Pebbled MarinePebbled Dandelion, Pebbled Chestnut, and Pebbled Noir

How would you style the Milli Maestra?
I think it would be super chic with a plaid blazer. I would wear it as a belt to cinch the jacket closed; then I could go completely hands-free, but without the bulk of a classic belt bag.

A Maestra, Midi Maestra, and Mini Maestra comparison from @theprimpysheep:

I discovered woman- and minority-owned luxury bag brand SENREVE last year, when I was in search of the perfect travel bag for a two-week trip to Spain. I was looking for something that could be super practical and hands-free, but also stylish enough to look luxe and make a statement.

With the ability to transform from a crossbody to a backpack to a held-in-the-hand satchel, the Maestra has clean, elegant lines and goes beautifully with casual and dressy looks alike. For my Spain trip, I snapped up the smallest version, the Mini Maestra. It was just big enough for my needs, with the ability to fit my DSLR camera, sunglasses, phone, wallet, and other small items.

After almost six months of loving my Mini Maestra, I decided to try the Midi and full-size Maestra versions to see if I was missing out on the larger sizes. 

SENREVE Maestra Bag, Midi Maestra, Mini Maestra

One reason I started off with the Mini Maestra is because I’m petite, and I was worried a larger size would overwhelm me. (For reference, I’m 5’5”, 105 lbs). I was actually pleasantly surprised at how flattering even the full-size Maestra Bag was on my frame.

SENREVE Maestra Bag, Midi Maestra, Mini Maestra

SENREVE’s signature detailing on the front of their Maestra bags is reminiscent of a wingtip loafer, though without perforations. I love the curved edges on the leather applique, and lack of visible hardware makes for an elegant profile. A front tab, attached with a magnetic snap for the Mini Maestra and a collar stud closure for the two bigger sizes, finishes the front and creates a focal point.

The Maestra bags’ fine lines keep even the largest size from being clunky.  Since the long strap is attached at the back, I was concerned the bags would pitch forward when worn as a crossbody, but they’re well-balanced enough that they lie flat. The addition of a short top-handle adds the option to hold the bag in hand. 

Each of the long straps are the same length and are interchangeable. However, the width and height of each bag create a difference in drop lengths listed below.  Read on for specific details on each size!

SENREVE Maestra Bag, Midi Maestra, Mini Maestra

Maestra Family Details and Dimensions

SENREVE Maestra Bag, Midi Maestra, Mini Maestra

The Mini Maestra
At right, in Pebbled Cream. Fits a DSLR camera on its side, slim sunglasses case, and phone. 

Mini Size TableSee more in my in-depth Mini Maestra review.

SENREVE Maestra Bag, Midi Maestra, Mini Maestra

The Midi Maestra
Center, in Mimosa Storm. Fits a 10” iPad in the inner side pocket, plus DSLR camera, sunglasses, phone, sweater, and spare pair of shoes. This turned out to be my favorite Maestra size, because it fits a ton without looking too big. 

Midi Size TableSee more in my in-depth Midi Maestra review.

SENREVE Maestra Bag, Midi Maestra, Mini Maestra

The Maestra
At left, in Pebbled Noir. Fits up to a 13” laptop in the inner side pocket, plus DSLR camera, water bottle, sunglasses, phone, sweater, book, and spare pair of shoes. 

Maestra Size TableSee photos of what fits in my in-depth Maestra review

SENREVE Mini Maestra, Midi Maestra, Maestra
Mini Maestra in Pebbled Cream; Midi Maestra in Mimosa Storm; Maestra Bag in Pebbled Noir

Specific details and dimensions for each size bag are below.

SENREVE Maestra Family Details and Dimensions

SENREVE has also created this side-by-side size guide. Hope this helps make your decision on the perfect size for you!

SENREVE Size Guide

We hope you enjoyed reading Vanessa’s Maestra family size comparison and her tips on the Milli Maestra. We are glad to have her as part of the Octopi Community and to spotlight her blog. You can read all her SENREVE handbag reviews at theprimpysheep.comand follow her on Instagram @theprimpysheep.

Photos courtesy of Vanessa Ulrich and SENREVE.

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