Purse Essentials: 10 Things You Should Have At All Times

by Annie Shen / Jul 05, 2020

The SENREVE woman does it all. She balances all things with work and life and adapts to the changing roles she must play throughout the day. While she is organized and prepared for all of life’s surprises, she might find that she’s guilty of carrying too much with her. 

We are here to help her lighten the load and get her purse back on track. Carrying too much can lead to a sense of chaos versus organization.

There is, of course, a good reason why all women love carrying a purse, and why handbags come in different styles and designs. While a handbag is as much of an accessory as the items you put it in, it’s always the main way we carry our essentials with us. Most of the minor issues we face every day can be solved using the content of our purses. But sometimes being overly prepared means we begin to no longer carry only the essentials and find ourselves with more items than necessary. This not only weighs down our handbag, it makes it even harder to find the item we are looking for in any given moment.

If you are someone that needs to reset and get back to the basics on what you should carry, read on to learn more about what purse essentials you should have and the optimal number of items to have in your handbag at all times. 

Purse Essentials 

Here are the top 10 items you should carry in your purse, every day.

- First, basic items such as your wallet, cell phone, and keys.

Make sure your wallet contains only your most important cards and any cash or coins, if you need them. SENREVE’s Card Wallet is a great example of a reasonably sized wallet that keeps all of your essential cards, cash, and coins secure in one place and  keeps you organized but stylish.

- An on-the-go makeup bag is a must.

Trust us when we say you should invest in a second set of makeup basics to keep in your purse. We’ve all been in situations where we miss our alarm and have to run out of the house, or we find ourselves needing to freshen up between work and evening cocktails. 

- A non-perishable snack like a granola bar.

This can be a life saver for the on-the-go woman who inevitably finds herself working through lunch or needing a quick snack on the way to her next event. 

- A mini umbrella is highly recommended for those who find themselves often forgetting to check the weather in the mornings.

While it can seem a little awkward to carry at first, it really can be a life-saver, especially on days where you gotten ready for the day, only to find after getting in the car that it’s raining. 

- A pen.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you need to quickly write something down while on the phone or need to jot down some quick information, you’ll know that this item is a must. Make sure the pen has a cap, and keep it in a pocket. There is nothing worse than opening your handbag to an explosion of ink, so it’s best not to let it roll around in case the cap pops off. 

- Sunglasses with the case.

We know you didn’t invest in that pair of sunglasses only to leave them sitting in your car or on the table. Put them in their case and into your handbag. Get into the habit of doing this before you leave the car, which will guarantee you always have them on you. Shop our Lunette's Case in Cactus leather.

- Any “just-in-case” items such as aspirin or feminine products.

Find the travel version of pain medicine, antacids, and feminine hygiene products and put them into a side pocket. You never know when you or a friend will need them, and making them accessible will ensure it’s easier when you do need to grab them. 

- Hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes.

Keeping your hands and desk clean is the first step to preventing the spread of germs. Be sure to keep the cap tightly closed and don’t let the contents touch your handbag. We recommend putting the sanitizer into your travel makeup bag. 

- An extra phone charging cord or travel sized battery pack.

Our smartphones have become one of the most essential items in our lives, which means running out of battery is never an ideal situation. To avoid that happening, consider carrying with you an extra charger or even a small backup battery pack for easy on-the-go charging. This can be a lifesaver if you need your phone to call a Lyft home or plan to use Apple Pay to cover your expenses during a night out. 

- A sample of your favorite perfume.

While you don't necessarily always need to reapply perfume throughout the day, it doesn’t hurt to carry a little extra with you in case you forget in the morning or need some in the evening. But, don’t carry the full bottle. Instead, find a roller sample or invest in a refillable travel vial instead. 

    Simple Steps to Organizing Your Purse 

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    Having all these essentials in there can feel cramped, but it’s important to make sure you have space for
     the essentials, keeping in your purse only what you need and not what you don’t. Here’s a how-to on getting things clean and organized.

    The first step is to empty ALL of the content of your current purse.

    Yes, even the items you think are there to stay. Lay everything out on the table and group similar items together. For example, if you find your purse has a variety of makeup products, put all of those products into a small group in front of you. Receipts? Do the same thing. The goal of this step is to get an idea of what type of items you find yourself loading up on. We recommend going as far as even taking all of the cards, cash, and coins out of your wallet and doing the same type of grouping technique. When you are finished with this step, you should have an entirely empty purse and wallet. 

    - Now, clean out the interior of your purse.
    Shake it out, open any zippers, and double check any folds or hidden pockets. SENREVE’s Maestra Bag has 8 interior compartments alone, so make sure you really clean everything out and pay attention to every little area. Grab a lint roller and use it along the lining to get out any debris that might still be remaining. We do not recommend using a vacuum as this could damage the interior of the purse. A lint roller works well because it is gentle yet effective, especially for those hard to reach folds or pockets. The goal of this step is to leave the inside of your purse completely clean of contents, dirt, dust, and any remaining debris. We promise, you won’t regret doing this step. The feeling of looking at a completely clean purse interior will easily bring you back to the day you bought it. 

    - Now, clean the outside of your purse.

    Follow any manufacturer instructions that might be specific to your material. Leather purses can easily be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals as this can actually cause irreversible damage to the handbag. The goal of this step is to remove any dust, dirt, or stains from the purse's exterior. When you are finished, set your purse in a place that is airy, but not in direct sunlight, where it can dry thoroughly. Do not replace the contents of your purse before it is entirely dry. 

    - Once you’ve finished cleaning the inside and outside of your purse and wallet, it’s time to move on to the contents.

    Start by identifying the items you need. This will be things like your cell phone, keys, debit and credit cards, cash, sunglasses, and hand sanitizer. Really ask yourself if the item is something you need versus something that is nice to have. Once you know the items you need, it’s time to purge everything else, especially large items or items that find their way into your purse out of habit, rather than necessity (like receipts).

    That’s it. Replace everything back into your wallet and purse and you’re ready to go. You’ve conquered the chaos and gotten back to the basics. 

      Bottom Line

      Decluttering your purse is as cathartic as it is necessary. As time goes on and our purses get bigger, we can easily start carrying too many unnecessary items. Reset and manage the chaos by
      cleaning out your purse every few months and limiting yourself to only the absolute essentials. This will create organization across your life while making those items even more accessible than before.

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