How to Choose A Handbag That Fits Your Style

by / Jan 20, 2020

Each new season brings with it a beautiful change in colors and wardrobe. For the SENREVE woman, this means the perfect time for a beautiful new handbag, too. 

Your lifestyle demands will impact the handbag you decide to purchase. For those who need to carry laptops and other work items, a big tote works best. On the flipside, women who don’t need to carry as much may typically opt for a smaller clutch or even a shoulder bag. Whatever your daily grind has in store, we’ve put together a list of things for you to consider for purchasing your next handbag. 

In a perfect world, we would always be able to change out our handbags as we transition to an evening dinner. But this is not realistic, which makes investing in a versatile handbag, capable of transitioning with you from morning to evening, from dress to casual, the ultimate secret to success for the SENREVE woman who is always on the go. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you narrow down your options and find the designer bag for you

Tips for Choosing a Handbag

Consider Comfort

Regardless of your specific lifestyle, the first consideration when thinking about your handbag purchase is whether or not it’s comfortable to carry. When a handbag is more comfortable to carry, it looks more natural and elegant, and overall gives you a more sophisticated, professional, and confident look. 

Comfort doesn’t just mean how it sits on your shoulder or arm, it also means how easily accessible your necessities are. If you find yourself rifling through everything in your bag every time you need to grab something, you’ll likely begin to associate the lack of organization to a sense of discomfort.  Not only do SENREVE handbags have interior organization, they are also made with our classic powder blue microfiber lining, so your belongings are easily identifiable against a light background. 

Additionally, the weight of the handbag plays a large role in its overall comfort. Bags that are too heavy will not only give you back and shoulder pain, but they can also appear bulky and overstuffed, which may cause you to slouch and look less confident while walking. 

Consider Versatility

There's nothing worse than having to transfer belongings between handbags because one of your handbags is far too casual for that night out on the town, and the other bag you have is too small to carry all of your essentials for a productive day. 

While we're definitely not saying that a one size fits all is the only option, you should consider what the main uses for your handbag will be. Is this going to be your daily companion that houses your laptop along with snacks, makeup, your wallet, and mask? 

Either way, the best handbag, regardless of its main use, will have some level of versatility so that while it definitely won't match all of your outfits, it should be generally easy to use across different moods and outings. 

Different Styles of Handbags Explained

1. Shoulder Bag 

This bag gets its name from the way it is worn - over one shoulder. A shoulder bag can vary in size, but is usually large enough to hold essentials and a bit more, which helps make them both fashionable, light, easy to wear, and functional. They easily transition from daytime to evening and can be used in professional settings as well as nights out. If you want even more versatility, plan to go with a neutral color that is adaptable from season to season. 

The SENREVE Doctor Bag is a timeless classic that brings all of the features above. Better yet, in addition to having the option to use it as a shoulder bag, it can also be worn on the arm and as a crossbody based on your mood and needs.

2. Crossbody

This bag is also named for the way it is worn - over one shoulder and across the body. These bags are typically smaller in size than a shoulder bag, but still allow you to go hands free. They are a great option when traveling or running errands and are still large enough to fit all essentials and then some. 

The SENREVE Crossbody brings the on-the-go style with the ability to swap out the straps between functional leather and stylish chain, making it not just on-the-go, but a go-to whenever you need it. 

3. Satchel 

Typically medium in size, a satchel bag is meant to be carried by one or two shorter handles. They are typically large enough to hold items such as laptops and magazines and go great with professional attire or even on as an on-campus look. 

SENREVE's Mini Maestra, though called mini, works beautifully as a versatile satchel that can also convert to a backpack, crossbody, or tote as needed. Whether for work or play, this bag can do it all.

4. Tote Bag

A tote is generally a large, single compartment type of bag that is typically wide open and does not contain a clasp or closure, though the SENREVE Voya Tote does conveniently come with a full zipper and internal organization. They are usually sturdy and designed to hold heavy items while maintaining flexibility in a leather, canvas, or nylon material. Totes also go well in office settings and can transition to dinner easily. 

SENREVE's Voya Tote is big enough to carry a 15" laptop plus an additional 8 pockets to carry whatever else you may need throughout your busy day, epitomizing the classic use and style of the timeless tote.

5. Clutch 

While more traditionally thought of as an evening accessory, the clutch is gaining popularity in its versatility, whether that be as a great accessory for date night or a special event or a quick jaunt out for lunch. Despite their smaller size, they are incredibly functional and offer a level of flexibility and adaptability not seen in other handbag styles. 

SENREVE's Red Carpet Clutch is perfect for an evening out, having been designed specifically for the 2019 Met Gala. Made with iridescent snakeskin, this clutch breathes luxury while still offering function. 

The SENREVE Aria Belt Bag is just one of our purses designed to be as adaptable as you are, able to be used as a clutch when the strap is removed. 

6. Backpack Purse

These “hand” bags are no longer just for students. This style is making a significant comeback, especially for those that have a commute or spend time walking more often than not. They are extremely flexible and offer the wearer more opportunity to carry larger, bulkier items with ease. 

SENREVE's Midi Maestra is not only the perfect size to be your favorite backpack, but you can also convert it to a crossbody, satchel or tote, adding versatility to the organizational functionality this super-bag has to offer. 

7. Wristlet 

Best for those that prefer minimalism, the wristlet is small and the perfect size for carrying credit cards, IDs, lipstick, and keys. In modern times, some wristlets are even designed with a special pouch for your smartphone. They loop easily around the wrist, as the name suggests, making them a great companion to almost any activity. 

SENREVE's Bracelet Pouch offers all the compact benefits of a wristlet, while also converting into a removable pouch to stick into your SENREVE Crossbody when you have a little more on the agenda than a couple cocktails.  

How to Spot a Low Quality Handbag 

Some signs of lower quality/lower durability handbags include:

  • They are made from low-quality materials. When a bag is made of leather, it takes on a soft, rich feel, unlike any other material. Non-leather, plastic-based bags on the other hand usually feel stiffer and have a shiny appearance. 
  • They have poor straps that are non-adjustable

In addition to these signs, we recommend examining your handbag for:

  • Consistent stitching and seaming that is free of loose strands. 
  • High-quality zippers and hardware that serve their purpose easily and without resistance. Zippers should move easily and clasps should open and close neatly. 

Your handbag is an investment and should be a source of happiness for you. Investing in the highest quality upfront will ensure your purchase will last for years to come.