"What's In My Life Bag?" Featuring Ines Gafsi

by / Jan 22, 2020

Ines Gafsi stars in the fifth video in SENREVE's latest "What's in My Life Bag?" campaign


At SENREVE, we are constantly in awe of the strong, multifaceted women that make up our Octopi community. SENREVE women are elegant, sophisticated, inspirational, and bold. In celebration of our first standalone pop-up at Pacific Place in Hong Kong later this year, we wanted to feature some of the inspiring women in our Octopi community. 

We're so proud to share our "What's in My Life Bag?" series featuring women we admire, with each clip giving you an intimate look into everything they carry – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Their SENREVE bags are daily companions that allow each woman who does it all to truly carry it all, too. 

About Ines Gafsi
With her love for entrepreneurship and enviable network of international contacts (thanks to her job as the Co-Founder of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide, or FEW) it was only a matter of time before we connected with Ines. Born in a small medieval town in France, Ines first landed in Hong Kong about eight years ago, and has since put her PR & Marketing background to good use with a number of different business ventures, in addition to her work with FEW.

Incredibly bright, down-to-Earth, and someone who truly knows how to do it all, Ines is exactly the kind of woman we had in mind when we designed our bags – so we couldn't wait to hear what she carries around in her everyday life bag, and took this chance to learn a little more about her diverse background.


SENREVE: FEW is a great organization to support and mentor budding entrepreneurs in Asia. What made you decide to start FEW, and how has your initial vision grown and changed over the years?
Since 2015, my business partner, Anna Wong, and I have wanted to build an international business platform that we could not find in the market, as we aim to broaden female fellows’ access to resources and support, and scale their businesses locally and globally through offering business networks, masterclasses, sales events and consulting services. We started out in Hong Kong and have grown rapidly here, so we’ve decided to continue developing the platform in Asia to support female entrepreneurs everywhere! Today, FEW has operations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Singapore – and there’s more to come.


SENREVE: What is it about entrepreneurship that inspires you, and how does it affect the way you approach your business, your peers, and so on?
Entrepreneurship is about innovation. It’s about creating what is missing in the world, improving and solving problems in our society. I am passionate about entrepreneurs as they are all risk-takers, and I really admire the way they’re trying to shape our future for the better. 

At FEW, we are constantly innovating, adapting ourselves to the market and to the needs of our members. It makes every day different and exciting!


SENREVE: Can you share your favorite piece of advice or "words of wisdom" you’ve received over the years, and what it means to you?
Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Entrepreneurship is a journey full of ups and downs but that is part of the ride – it’s this thought that keeps me going every day and gives me courage to persevere to continue achieving my goals.



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