"What's in My Life Bag?" Featuring Jenn Lam & Tawnia Lai

by / Apr 20, 2020

Jenn Lam & Tawnia Lai star in the fourth video in SENREVE's latest "What's in My Life Bag?" campaign

At SENREVE, we are constantly in awe of the strong, multifaceted women that make up our Octopi community. SENREVE women are elegant, sophisticated, inspirational, and bold. In celebration of our first standalone pop-up at Pacific Place in Hong Kong later this year, we wanted to feature some of the inspiring women in our Octopi community. 

We're so proud to share our "What's in My Life Bag?" series featuring women we admire, with each clip giving you an intimate look into everything they carry – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Their SENREVE bags are daily companions that allow each woman who does it all to truly carry it all, too.

About Jenn Lam & Tawnia Lai
Two bold and creative forces who have made their mark on Hong Kong’s established beauty scene with their start-up brand Woke Up Like This, Jenn & Tawnia are no strangers to most of the young women in the city. Despite their age, they have already accomplished so much, and we truly look up to them for being shining examples of women who can have it all – balancing their relationships as beauty influencers, partners, and best friends who inspire #friendshipgoals every day. 

We’ve been following Jenn & Tawnia’s journey since we first launched in Asia, so we were thrilled to be able to include them in our “What’s in My Life Bag?” series to learn a little bit more about what helps these two ambitious women tackle their day-to-day.


SENREVE: You two have a special relationship that spans different dimensions, from friends to business partners. Can you tell us a little more about how you manage to balance all these different aspects? 
Yes, it is sometimes quite challenging to juggle our relationship both as friends and business partners. The hardest thing that we have overcome is communication, because we care about each other’s feelings a lot and sometimes speaking up might be hurtful so we try to be respectful and honest at the same time. I think the reason why we end up being a good match is because we are both quite easy-going, and have developed into really good listeners! 


SENREVE: You’re both entrepreneurial, creative individuals – you’ve been able to achieve a lot already, and at such a young age. What have been the most memorable parts, and the biggest lessons you’ve learned on your journey so far? Where do you hope to go next?
We are all where we are today because our parents or guardians raised us with unlimited love and support that allows us to take all the positive lessons from them. That’s something we are actively trying to apply to our journey. Although we have experienced so many obstacles as true friends, we encourage each other and push one another to do better. 

Last year, for example, we went to LA for one of our first brand shoots. The local photographer ended up charging us way more than we agreed for the photos. It was quite challenging for us as a new brand. We were emotionally exhausted and had been suffering from insomnia for a week already – but instead of blaming each other, we learnt to deal with things in a more professional way so that we can avoid similar problems in the future.


SENREVE: You carry with you in your life bags elements that include honesty, confidence, and self-love. Which element do you think is most important, and why?
We think the most important element is honesty, especially in the context of being honest and true to yourself. That can mean a lot of different things – self reflection on our actions and decisions, objective evaluations on what can be done better, realizing our strengths and weaknesses, owning our successes and failures...these all help to cultivate confidence as we learn and make better choices, in addition to helping us nurture a better sense of self-love as we learn to appreciate the decisions we make in life.




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