14 Gifts for Women Who Travel Around The Globe

by Jillian Zhang / Nov 23, 2021

If you’re looking for a gift for a woman in your life who lives to travel, you’ve come to the right place. As someone who travels quite a bit and is notoriously hard to shop for, I can say that I’ve received some questionable gifts in the past.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favorite gifts and gadgets I’ve received as gifts or bought over the years that I take with me everywhere. Use this for travel gift ideas for someone who loves to travel, and upgrade their travel experience. 


Gifts For Women Who Travel


Gemelli Tote in Midnight

  1. Senreve Tote Bag
    Senreve has a large selection of tote bags that are all great for travel. The Doctor Bag is one of my favorites because it fits a ton (my iPad, toiletries, chargers, wallet, keys, mask, camera and more) and has two exterior pockets to slip my passport, phone and boarding pass, and driver’s license in and out easily at the airport. There’s also an additional strap in case I want to wear it as a crossbody if I have additional luggage with me. Senreve also has other tote bags which also make great travel bags.

  2. Neck Pillow
    For longer flights, especially red eyes, a neck pillow is a must. It’s one of my favorite types of travel pillows since it keeps my posture steady for several hours and helps me fall asleep easily, even on the small seat on a plane. They also can come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so there’s a perfect neck pillow for any type of woman. Carrying a neck pillow around is a great travel tip for those who can never seem to fall asleep while up in the air.

  3. Power Bank
    Airports are now much better equipped with outlets, but the actual planes do not always have places to charge your electronic devices. For someone who is constantly on their laptop, tablet, or phone, a power bank is a must. It’s particularly important for traveling solo, so you always have a method of communication in case of emergencies. Just make sure you keep it fully charged before boarding the plane.

  4. Sleep Mask
    Much like the neck pillow, a sleep mask is one of my favorite travel essentials. I used to never be able to sleep on planes, but the neck pillow and sleep mask combination has made every red eye restful. There’s a reason sleep masks are on every travel gift guide -- they really are that much of a game changer.

    Cashmere Shawl

  5. Scarf 
    Scarves are great gifts for travelers since they double as comfortable but chic accessories. Many scarves are large enough to turn into a blanket for when the temperatures cool down. In additional to its practicality, for those who also want to pack light, a scarf can change up an outfit quickly and easily. Senreve has a Cashmere Shawl Scarf that is great for chilly planes, and several other lighter weight scarf options.

  6. Compression Socks
    For longer flights, feet can swell from the high altitude and can be quite bothersome. Compression socks are a great option to alleviate this discomfort. They come in a variety of lengths depending on personal preference, and take up virtually no room in a suitcase. Compression socks can also be quite the fashion accessory, and can double as normal socks even when you’re not on a plane.

  7. Key Chain 
    Keychains make the perfect gifts for travelers who want to stay organized. Almost all of Senreve’s bags come with key clips specifically for key chains, so you’ll never lose your keys digging around your bag. They also can function as great distinct luggage tags for those who travel with checked luggage. Senreve has several charms that can work as both key chains and luggage tags. 

  8. Sunglasses + Case 
    For the perfect sunny travel experience, sunglasses and an accompanying case is crucial. Our favorite shades are from our friends at Machete and Coco & Breezy, and our Lunettes Sunglasses case, which has a key ring to clip on to your bag or wallet for extra security.

    Aria Belt Bag in Dragon Storm

  9. Belt Bag 
    A belt bag is a great way to add additional storage without needing to carry something else in hand. Senreve has a couple great belt bags that will also fit a passport holder, wallet, earphones, and keys -- all quintessential needs while walking through an airport or your favorite destination.

  10. Travel Dryer
    A great gift for a woman who is traveling constantly is a travel dryer. These mini dryers are great for styling on the go and compact enough to carry in her carry-on luggage. While some hotels may offer a built in dryer, if the woman you’re looking for a gift for prefers AirBnBs, hostels, or any other form of lodging, a travel dryer is a must.

    Passport Holder in Marine

  11. Senreve Passport holder
    To travel in style, she’ll need a chic passport cover. Senreve carries a 100% Italian pebbled leather Passport Holder, with additional slots for cards, cash, and other documents, so everything is in one place. It’s compact enough to slip into any purse, bag, or suitcase and unique enough that she’ll never misplace it or mistake someone else’s passport for her own. A must have for frequent travelers.

  12. Travel Sized Essential Oil Diffuser
    Traveling to and from a variety of climates and environments can be very stressful, both mentally and physically. Consider a travel sized essential oil diffuser that can be easily transported from hotel to hotel, and will bring a sense of calm to her otherwise busy schedule.

  13. Makeup Bag 
    An elevated makeup bag is also a great gift for a woman who travels. Many makeup pouches that you receive in gift sets usually don’t hit the bar for a quality and beautiful travel case. Senreve’s Coda Bag is great to use for a makeup bag, and can also be worn as a belt bag or sling.

  14. Hat 
    Beyond sunglasses, hats are also great options for the women who love to travel somewhere sunny. Senreve offers two hats, the Revello Hat and the Capri Hat, both of which offer stylish protection from the sun. They also pair easily with our collection of scarves for windier cities when you need an extra layer of security. Alternatively, baseball caps are great options for those who would rather fly under the radar.

Give the gift of traveling in style



Next time, skip the gift cards and opt for something more thoughtful. I hope this curated gift guide will help out next time you’re shopping for your favorite traveling woman. If none of these gifts are exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to browse Senreve’s full collection, from camera bags to cashmere pajamas, for other great gifts.