Clutch Bags: How to Wear One and What to Look For

by Annie Shen / Jan 20, 2020

Empowerment is a core value at SENREVE, and to us, empowerment means adding versatility to the SENREVE woman’s modern lifestyle. You shouldn’t have to compromise, and with our lineup of elegant, hand-crafted clutch bags, you don’t have to. Our classic clutch bag design allows you to seamlessly transition from an afternoon meeting to an evening soiree. 

While we aim to empower through versatility, we also know that staying up to date on the latest trends can sometimes be tough for the SENREVE woman who’s always on the go. But don’t worry - we are here to help. If you aren’t sure what a clutch bag is, or how it can fit into multifaceted parts of your life, this article is for you. Read on to learn more. 

What is a Clutch Bag?

The modern clutch bag is typically thought of as a much smaller version of a handbag, usually without a handle or straps. Due to it’s small size, it’s usually functional for essential items such as cell phones, credit cards, and lipstick. At SENREVE, we believe the clutch bag is one of the most versatile companions, adding a unique flair to a more casual look, or complimenting the elegance of an evening gown. 

SENREVE Envelope Laptop Sleeve

Traditionally, the clutch bag is seen as a chic pairing to your ensemble and more commonly appearing in spring and summer. However, with ever-changing trends and added creative fashion, how we define a clutch bag continues to evolve. Today, clutch bags are seen year-round, in a variety of styles and colors, some of which offer straps, handles, and added room to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern woman. 

Want more history on the clutch bag or interested in learning more? Check out our post on SENREVE’s Place in Clutch Bag History.

How to Wear a Clutch Bag

Learning how to hold a clutch correctly can be difficult. The way you hold your clutch bag can help flatter your body shape, complement your outfit, and can help add an air of elegance to any style. In general, clutches are meant to be held (hence the name). Here are a few different ways to hold your clutch, depending on the event

1. At the bottom.

At the bottom, almost like you are holding a newspaper. Keep your thumb on the side and let the rest of your hand wrap around the bottom. Keep your wrist flexible and loose and let your arm dangle at your side. Use this if your clutch is a little heavier than usual. This is also a great look when entering an event or posing for photos. 

2. In front of you.

You can also hold your clutch with both of your hands in front of your body. This look is best used when you are standing in a group and don’t need an extra hand for a cocktail. This style is not one you should use when walking. Be sure to maintain a straight posture, and keep a slight bend in the elbows.

3. At the end.

You can also hold the clutch at the end, with your hand wrapped loosely around the corner, leaving the rest of the clutch resting casually, but still fashionably, just below the hip. Play around with the bend in your arm to get the look that works best for you. This should only be used with clutches that are thinner, otherwise maintaining this grip can become difficult and will look like work versus casual elegance. 

4. At the top.

At the top, aligning your index finger across the top flap or zipper. As you hold the clutch by your side, your finger will slope down toward the floor. If you want to make a good impression at a cocktail party, this way of holding the clutch is the best option as it doubles in both a casual, carefree style as well as showing elegance and confidence.

5. As a wristlet.

This one is specific to the SENREVE Bracelet Pouch, that essentially serves as an elegant wristlet that serves up class in the evening but provides crossbody functionality by day. 

6. Under your arm.

If your clutch is oversized, you can try simply holding the clutch under your arm, while keeping your arm slightly bent. This is a great look to use when you need both of your hands, during cocktail hour for example. It’s also helpful for larger clutch-style bags like the SENREVE Leather Envelope Laptop Sleeve, which can carry of course your laptop, but also work documents and other daily essentials.

With these tips, we hope you carry your clutch with style and confidence, wherever you go.

How to Choose the Right Clutch Bag

A great outfit isn’t complete without the proper accessories. The best part about a clutch bag is in its ability to be used as an accessory while doubling with adding functionality to your wardrobe - something every SENREVE woman cares about. Below are a few tips on how to find the clutch bag that’s right for you. 


Clutch bags come in a variety of colors. To choose the right color, consider how you plan to use the clutch bag. For every day or casual pairings, choose something neutral, like beige, grey, or blue, such as our Pebbled Sand, Mimosa Storm, or Mimosa Pilot colors. For black-tie events or date nights, consider a brighter color that will either compliment your outfit or add a pop of color to a neutral outfit, instead.

Today, popular colors encompass everything from citron yellow to vibrant red. However, for those looking for something more interchangeable, we recommend choosing a pattern or color that integrates into both casual and formal looks. We love the SENREVE Red Carpet Clutch, which combines exotic materials with several different neutral tone options like lavender, peach, and navy. The added solid brass strap helps make this the perfect day or evening clutch. 


The material you choose for your clutch bag can change the appearance of your entire outfit. The most common materials include cotton, faux fur, leather, and suede. At SENREVE, we use only the finest materials manufactured in Italy

Our Red Carpet Clutch, for example, was originally designed for the 2019 Met Gala and is available in snakeskin, a more exotic leather which requires special stitching to maintain the natural pattern.


The best clutch is one that can hold all of your essential items. For the SENREVE woman, those items might be lipstick, compact powder, phone, wallet, and keys. If you try to fit these items into a clutch that is too tiny, the bulging can look overstuffed. On the other hand, if you choose a clutch that is too big, it may encourage you to pack more than you actually need. Remember, your clutch is meant to carry only the essentials and nothing else, and if you’re looking for really the very bare essentials in the smallest clutch bag you can get, the SENREVE Card Wallet is perfect for holding cards and change.


At the end of the day, choosing the style that is right for the occasion can be the most important consideration in the purchase of your new clutch bag. Specific colors and designs could work well for evening outfits, but might not be suitable for daytime use. SENREVE clutch bags have a modern, versatile design that transitions from lunchtime outings to evening soirees seamlessly. 

Your Clutch is an Investment

Searching for a high-quality clutch bag is an investment in your style that should not be taken lightly. A great investment piece is one you can wear for years. When thinking through your purchase, consider the number of outfits you have that will match. We recommend having a minimum of 10 outfits that can go with your new clutch so that the cost-per-wear makes up for the upfront investment. Outside of that, make sure you consider your budget and do your research. Consider companies with high ethical and sustainability standards. Read reviews from other buyers to get a sense of the bag's long-term quality and durability. 

Because of this, we recommend choosing a bag made of real leather as this will ensure a longer life for your investment. All of SENREVE’s clutch bags are made of high quality Italian leather. For example, SENREVE’s Italian Leather Coda Belt Bag is sure to last you for years and years, and it can play an extra practical role in your collection as it can convert to a clutch, crossbody, belt bag, or sling bag.

The Bottom Line 

The clutch you ultimately choose should come down to your own personal style, preferences, and gut feeling, but keeping the above ideas in mind will help you choose something that matches your budget and your closet and will ensure a more personally fulfilling purchase overall. 

The SENREVE woman cares about the versatility and functionality of any investment, and we think the modern clutch combines these values to perfectly meet her where she is, whether in the office or at a cocktail party.