How To Style A Backpack For Any Occasion

by Julia Walker / Nov 09, 2021

What is a Backpack?

Originating in the United States in the early 1900s, backpacks are usually defined as bags that have two shoulder straps and are carried on one’s back. At SENREVE, we define a backpack as one of the most quintessential bags you can own. Aside from the multitude of ways that a backpack can be worn, these bags carry it all - from our essentials that we take to work (such as our laptops and some snacks to get us through the day) to our baby’s items, stylishly packed for a trip to the park. To us, it’s clear that the backpack is so much more than a pack that you carry on your back.

5 Ways to Wear a Backpack

The best kind of backpacks are convertible and can be worn in numerous ways - not just on your back. Worn crossbody, as a shoulder bag, by the top handle, or tossed effortlessly over one shoulder, a backpack can be used to instantly elevate your look for any occasion. 

Mini Maestra in Ice and Aria Belt Bag in Storm

Mini Maestra in Ice and Aria Belt Bag in Storm

1. Traditional Method of Wearing Backpacks

Maestra Bag in Chestnut

Maestra Bag in Chestnut

Traditional does not always have to be boring. Wearing a backpack the classic way can bring comfort, as well as style, to your daily commute to work, time spent shopping with your girlfriends, or even running errands around town. This hands-free way of wearing your bag gives you the flexibility and convenience you need to accomplish your daily tasks.

2. Crossbody

Circa Bag in Chestnut

Circa Bag in Chestnut

Wearing a mini backpack as a crossbody will never go out of style. This is arguably the most popular way to sport your bag. Much like the traditional way, crossbody bags allow you to carry your belongings without prohibiting the use of your hands. Having your bag close to your side gives you the ability to have easy and quick access to any items you may need throughout your day!

3. On One Shoulder

Maestra Bag in Marine

Maestra Bag in Marine

Sweet and simple, wearing your backpack as a shoulder bag is truly timeless. There’s just something about this classic silhouette that will remain on trend for many years to come. Let’s be real - probably even forever. This style of wearing your bag is especially manageable, so you never have to worry about your ability to retrieve your personal items.

4. Holding Backpacks Like a Top Handle Bag

Alunna Bag in Scarlet

Alunna Bag in Scarlet

Who says you have to use straps at all? Carrying a backpack by the top handle can make any look you wear instantly chic. Reminiscent of the briefcase, choosing to carry your bag this way screams professionalism and sophistication. This fashion-forward way of wearing your backpack exudes confidence and power and adds a certain feel of dedication to any look you might choose to pair with this style.

5. Around the Waist

Aria Belt Bag in Storm

Aria Belt Bag in Storm

This sleek way of wearing your backpack is the more stylish and mature older sister of the fanny pack. Accessible, convenient, and fashion forward, wearing your backpack around your waist is the ultimate new go-to.

4 Ways To Style a Backpack

Not sure what to wear with your backpack? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For any day or nighttime occasion, here are four different forms of dress attire and the best way to style your bag with each outfit idea.

1. Dress it up

Grab your favorite blazer, throw your backpack on your shoulder, and you have the perfect look for work. Our versatile Mini Maestra in Pebbled Sand matches just about any color you can wear, so whether colorful and bold or muted and simple, this bag is the ideal accessory for any outfit you choose. Make your work day more interesting by adding a touch of style.

Didn’t think you could pair a backpack with a dress? Think again. Even the fanciest and frilliest of dresses look great with our Alunna Bag in Mint. To guarantee that no straps will cover your dress, carry it by the top handle to add to the elegance of your attire. 

2. Wear it with Something Modern

These stunning loafers are the perfect mix between our two favorite able ending words - fashionable and comfortable. Paired with ankle length slacks and our bestselling Aria Belt Bag in Sand worn around the waist, this look is perfect for the modern gal on the go.

The 70s are back, and that’s exactly what this stylish blue denim, flare-legged jumpsuit is paying homage to. Worn together with these pastel sneakers that perfectly match our Midi Maestra in Pebbled Blush, it gives a modern twist on this blast from the past look. Wearing your backpack by the top handle in the crook of your arm adds sophistication to this laid back look.

3. Chic Look

Fall is here, and if you haven’t already decided what style you want to rock this season, casual chic never goes out of style. Grab your favorite pair of denim jeans, your coziest sweater, and a pair of eternally fashionable knee high boots. Wearing your backpack as a crossbody bag completes the look and gives an effortlessly stylish feel to your everyday outfit.

This monochromatic look is sophisticated and minimalistic, but definitely not boring. The bucket hat adds the perfect amount of fun, and our brown leather Mini Alunna in Pebbled Chestnut completes this ultra chic look that’s perfect for today’s fashionistas. Pair this with simplistic, dainty, gold jewelry to elevate this style without compromising the minimalist quality of the look.

4. Street Style

Dress up a simple pair of jeans by adding a stylish printed jacket to your outfit. Pair it with our Mini Maestra in Pebbled Merlot to give your look that perfect pop of color. Wearing it as a crossbody is not only trendy, but allows you to keep your bag close by and in reach while running your daily errands.

As you can see, backpacks are not only the necessary accessories for children and teenagers attending school. With their versatility and style, backpacks are the ideal bag to have in your collection. Each option of wearing these bags perfectly complements today’s women, whether they are going to work or spending the day out and about. It’s safe to say that you should definitely have one in your closet.