How To Style a Poncho Year Round

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 20, 2022

Many trends of the early aughts are making their way back into mainstream fashion, and the poncho is one of them. But the garment doesn’t have to conjure images of chunky knits with tassels haphazardly thrown over an ensemble. When styled effectively, it can look elegant and take a casual outfit to the next level. So in this piece, you’ll learn how to style a poncho and the ways to make it work in every season.


How to style a poncho for each season


From summer to winter, when paired with the right pieces, ponchos are an unexpected wardrobe must-have. Here, you’ll discover that these styling tips work well with articles of clothing that you most likely already own.


  1. Styling a poncho for spring

When we think of spring, pastel hues and floral patterns spring to mind thanks to the season's promise of new life and budding potential. But even though sun-filled days are on the horizon, the weather can be mercurial. This transitional weather is ideal for the sleeveless garment that drapes over your shoulders for added warmth. You can still wear that dress you’ve been saving for sunnier days and come prepared for a garden party that takes a turn for the cooler side of the forecast.


But the poncho over a dress is one of many options for how to wear a poncho in the spring. You can also try a long-sleeved shirt peeking out from underneath, or pair with ankle booties.


  • Opt for a poncho in a lighter material for spring, like cotton. You can keep warm, but you won’t overheat during those days when the afternoon is a radically different temperature than the morning.


  • Include a brightly colored bag to honor the season and take your outfit to the next level. The Aria Belt bag in mauve is a versatile piece that makes any outfit pop.


  • Add a silk scarf to your hair, around your neck, or accessorize a bag with a printed silk scarf tied around the top handle. Hand-stitched in 100% Italian silk, Senreve’s Women of the World scarf in the style “Rosa” is a muted purple perfect for spring.


  1. Styling a poncho for summer

You might think that the poncho isn’t a suitable match for summer. But why should the colder months have all the fun? A poncho in lighter material like silk or a subtle, lightweight mesh can make an exciting addition to your summer outfit without breaking a sweat. So you’ll stay cool and look cool – in more ways than one – going for an evening walk on the beach or lunching with friends on a summer Friday.


  • Try bold patterns or colors to make your lightweight poncho the statement piece of your ensemble.


  • Pair your colored poncho with heeled sandals for evenings out or beach weddings.


  • Include a clutch when you want a night out that’s as breezy as your lightweight accessory. Senreve’s Bracelet Pouch is an elegant wristlet by night and a removable pouch for your crossbody by day.


  1. Styling a poncho for fall 

While summer might not be synonymous with ponchos, fall and ponchos go together like crisp autumn air and pumpkin spice lattes. When the weather gets colder, but you don’t need to reach for your down jacket just yet, it’s the perfect time to play with light jackets. So opt for a knit poncho thrown over your turtleneck. You can complete the look with flared jeans and ankle boots or tall boots tucked over tighter-fitting denim jeans.


Fall is great for experimenting with layering, so wear a collared shirt and have the collar peek out over the neckline of the poncho.


  • Go for a heavier knit material when selecting a poncho for the fall to keep you warm.


  • Introduce a leather circle bag like Senreve’s Circa bag to bring your outfit full circle. The warm, rich brown of the shade chestnut is ideal for the color palette of crunchy leaves and wind-swept afternoons.


  • When in doubt, a poncho, a pair of jeans, and a stylish baker boy hat is the perfect casual outfit for weekend fall activities like apple picking.


Two women wearing round designer bags


  1. Styling a poncho for winter 

For the beginning of winter and locations where the temperature stays above freezing, the poncho is a great layering opportunity to keep you warm and stylish. Plus, you can even stay cozy in the depths of winter if you choose the right material, such as cashmere. There’s a reason why cashmere coats are so coveted. A cashmere poncho keeps you wrapped in the comfort of warmth while looking effortlessly elegant.


Pair your cashmere poncho with a scarf, a thick knit sweater, black work pants, and knee-high boots. Plus, don’t forget your hat and a warm pair of durable leather gloves.


  • Try Senreve’s Cashmere Capelette spun from 100% cashmere to stay warm in style. It’s an elevated poncho design to allow for maximum comfort. And it features a button closure on the inner hem, so you can leave it undone at the neck for a more casual look.


  • You can always add more layers if you need to bulk up the warmth of your poncho, so don’t be afraid to bundle up.


  • Include a leather crossbody bag, like the Midi Maestra, to keep all your essentials on your person as you brave the cold.


Woman wearing white cashmere capelette

The Cashmere Capelette


The 4 best ways to accessorize a poncho


With ideas that can take you through the four seasons, there are universal ways to accessorize your poncho regardless of material or temperature.


  • - Belt it. To give your silhouette a more defined shape when wearing a poncho, add a belt. This cinches your waist for a more refined and less boxy look. The Armonica belt can be worn as a belt around your waist or looped into the Mini Armonica for more hands-free styling options.


  • - Play with accessories. Let’s say you want to take your outfit up a notch, try a belt bag instead of just a belt. Playing with accessories like the Aria Belt Bag allows you to cinch your waist and carry your credit cards and phone, combining fashion with function.


  • - Experiment with patterns. Colors aren’t the only way to make your poncho ensemble pop. A fun patterned poncho or silk scarf wrapped around the handle of a leather handbag also brings intrigue to an outfit.


  • - Have fun with texture. Different textures in an outfit can add more dimension and depth to your ensemble. So go for denim jeans and a silk poncho, a chunky knit poncho over corduroy pants, or a cotton poncho and a leather midi skirt.


Transcend the seasons in style


A poncho is a versatile accessory that, when accompanied by the perfect accessory, is easily elevated and effortlessly chic. So don’t limit yourself to wardrobe staples inside your comfort zone. Instead, dip your toe into the pool of possibilities and style a poncho for a summer wedding or pair a chunky knit with a belt bag. Ultimately, you decide what you want to wear and where you want to wear it. And Senreve’s collection of bestsellers can help you discover an accessory or two to take your outfit over the edge.