International Women’s Month Feature: Caitlin Jaymes

by Heather Chadwell-Aminzadeh / Mar 13, 2024

Every March, we celebrate International Women’s Month, a time to honor and celebrate the contributions of women who inspire us, across a broad range of interests and  professions. As a female founded and operated company, this women’s empowerment is particularly meaningful to us, and we look forward to highlighting women from our community.




Caitlin Jaymes is a stylist and expert organizer. She got her start in the industry through styling dream wardrobes for her clients. Through that process, she fell in love with developing maintainable and luxurious ways for women to display their wardrobes. Organization became her focus as she realized that she could “create a personalized dream boutique for my client in their own home.”

As Caitlin says, “a perfectly organized and edited closet isn’t just for aesthetics, it will give you back time, it will give you confidence, and it will help to ensure you’re starting your day off stress-free.” As a strong believer in the ‘look good, feel good’ motto, Caitlin empowers women to take on their daily challenges looking and feeling like the best version of themselves.




What inspired you to start your business?
I started my business completely by accident. I had a client who wanted me to look in her closet before shopping for her and I ended up creating outfits with what she already owned, which made her realize she actually had a ton of outfits already in her closet that she just wasn't styling properly.  After our appointment I put back her clothing and she said she had loved the way I organized her closet.  From there she ended up referring me to her friends as a stylist and closet organizer.  I realized there weren't many stylists offering closet editing and organizing services, so I took that as my sign to start my own business. 

How does your femininity influence your style?
My style feels different every day based on my mood, but I do find myself wanting to incorporate at least one feminine item into my outfit.  I've been loving ballet flats recently and I love pairing a super feminine pieces, like a ballet flat, with something more masculine like an oversized blazer.

In what ways do you aim to celebrate and uplift women through your business?
From a young age, putting together an outfit that I love has been what motivates me and gives me confidence for the day.  I love that I can work with a variety of women ranging from 20-75 and give them the same excitement and confidence to get out of the house and feel amazing in an outfit that's perfectly styled for their personal taste. 

How have you navigated challenges or obstacles as a female founder?
This may just be a personality trait of mine, but I feel that females tend to feel the need to please people.  Even if that means letting down your healthy boundaries.  It took me a long time to realize that the energy you waste on a toxic client will only keep setting you back from achieving the goals that you really want to conquer.  Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, there will always be another opportunity that comes your way. 

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
My biggest advice to female entrepreneurs is to just get started, it doesn't have to be perfect.  There is so much I have learned along the way and if I had waited until my services and products were perfect, I still wouldn't have launched. 

What are your top three tips for maintaining an organized closet? 

  1. Always swap your dry cleaning to normal hangers. 
  2. Edit your closet every day. If you put on a piece of clothing and you know you hate it, get rid of it at that moment. 
  3. Only use organizing supplies or techniques that you can maintain.  If you know you won't maintain it, it's not the right organizing method.  This is why I created my own closet organizing product - Bikini Organizing Bags.  You don't need to be a professional, you just place your swimsuit in a Bikini Organizing Bag, zip it up, and place it in your drawer or bin and you're organized!