Selected by SENREVE Product Reviews

by / Jan 22, 2020

Selected by SENREVE was born with the vision to help you, our Octopi Community, discover new brands and products that can help you get through these tumultuous times. We want you to discover, enjoy, and treat yourself to these luxurious products, which we’ve curated just for you. 

Read more below for personal reviews from our SENREVE team members + Octopi community:


MIRA by La Luer next to books and roses

Wendy, our Co-Founder and COO, has fallen in love with her new La Luer Mira device. She has found it to be incredibly easy to incorporate into her facial cleansing routine, working through the DETOX, TONE, LIFT, and INFUSE settings. Pro-tip: Wendy likes to focus on just one side of her face so that she can really see the results pop. 

Wendy's face after using MIRA

 "After about 5-10 minutes, my skin feels very tingly, as I can feel the electrical currents stimulating my skin. And most remarkably, I can see a noticeable tightening of the side of my face that has undergone the treatment!" With these incredible and immediate results, she plans to continue using the device regularly. Follow her on Instagram to check back on her results after a couple of weeks!



Model holding dry-line hand santizer out of Coda Bag

There’s a statistic out there that, on average, a person touches her face 16 times per hour, and there’s no way you can wash your hands that many times! Not to mention, Coral, our Co-Founder & CEO, is super busy with SENREVE and has a little one to look after during shelter-in-place. This is why she's especially obsessive and picky about hand sanitizer.

Most hand sanitizers have a terrible scent, but Dry-Line has essential oils that give it a light scent - even with its 65% alcohol content. It’s also sleek and fits perfectly into her Aria Belt Bag. "When I went cherry picking with my family, I brought the roller with me in my bag right next to my phone and lip-gloss.”


Brava oven with toasted grains inside

As food blogger Arla packed her stuff to quarantine elsewhere, she made sure to bring her Brava with her. Despite being a skeptic in the beginning, she has quickly grown addicted to using Brava to prepare her meals as she admits that she's "a bit of a simple lazy cook".

Normally, in order to make her beloved sweet potato fries, Arla has to Google the proper temperature, wait 10 minutes for a conventional oven to pre-heat, and then constantly monitor the fries so that it doesn't burn. "The Brava basically takes the guesswork out of it. You just scroll, pick sweet potato fries, the cut that you have, and it'll just do it all - start to finish, it will cook it in just 12 minutes!" 


EXAU bottle in front of trees

Like many of us during this quarantine, Coral has been cooking up a storm with her daughter. And whether it's salad, focaccia, or pasta, she's been reaching for her new EXAU olive oil. The freshness and quality brings her back to being in Tuscany and having lunch with the folks at our Italian workshops. Coral confesses, "I'm definitely cooking more than I have ever in my life, EXAU olive oil is something I use regularly to elevate and enhance all the flavors.”


Hands over chair with Monica Vinader rings and bracelets

Just like our Maestra bags, what we love most about Monica Vinader is how versatile and customizable her pieces are. The Alta Capture is a clean cut signature piece on its own, or it can be a statement bracelet with charms added. Plus it's adjustable, which is perfect for those of us with small wrists. It’s great for any occasion, but we find ourselves wearing it almost every day, even in this new normal! 

You can check out all our wonderful brand partners on Selected by SENREVE. We hope that you will enjoy these products just as much as we do.