Shearling Purse: Here’s How to Style This Trendy Bag

by Nairobi Toombs / Nov 06, 2023

Shearling Purse: Here’s How to Style This Trendy Bag 

Shearling-inspired materials and accents add cozy and inviting layers to your winter wardrobe. These soft, textured bags are the perfect winter accessory to bring with you on a coffee date or to a night out in winter wonderland. Read on to discover how to style a shearling purse for every outing. 

What is a shearling bag?

A cold-weather staple, a shearling bag is a purse made traditionally from sheepskin. The outer part of the bag consists of the sheep’s wool, whereas the inside is tanned and dressed, producing a soft suede material.

SENREVE offers faux shearling leather bags crafted from soft faux shearling and Italian leather. The faux fur texture accentuates the pebbled leather to create the perfect accessory for all your winter activities. 

How to style a shearling purse

Functional, beautiful, and versatile, shearling purses bring texture and warmth to your winter wardrobe. So, whether you’re packing to hit the slopes (or enjoy hot chocolate at the lodge) or sightseeing holiday lights, here are the different ways you can style your shearling purse. 

1) For a night out

Happy hour, girls’ dinner, or an elegant date with your partner, a shearling purse adds character and charm to your chosen ensemble. For a more formal occasion, pair your purse with a black mini skirt, sheer tights, oversized button-up, and a sweater vest. Add a pair of loafers and dangly earrings to make your outfit sparkle. For something a little different, try a black skirt, tights, turtleneck, and trench coat for a nice evening out.

If you’re going out for a casual evening, pair your shearling purse with leather pants and a fitted top. For extra warmth (and a matching moment), add a plaid sherpa jacket to match your fuzzy purse. 

2) For a day trip 

Grab your shearling purse before you head out the door for the day’s adventures. For a day out and about visiting friends and family, pair your shearling bag with denim jeans and a cozy knit sweater. Add a pair of chunky boots and a beanie or even sherpa bucket hat to add more flair and intrigue to your everyday ensemble. 

3) For work 

Soft yet sleek, dress your shearling bag up for a day at the office. This bag also works great for a day-to-night transition that you can bring with you to happy hour. For a more casual office look, pair your purse with patterned wide-leg pants, loafers, and an oversized, neutral turtleneck sweater. For polished, take-charge vibes, try a pantsuit. Choose between a neutral like black, gray, or beige, or go bold with an emerald green or blue pantsuit. 

4) For running errands

Errands call for all things soft – soft pants, soft sweater, and yes, a soft purse, too. Bringing a shearling purse with you as you head from task to task dresses up the look without going over the top. On your next errand run, pair a matching hoodie and sweat set with your shearling bag. To make your outfit a bit more uniform, find a sweat set that coordinates with your purse, like in beige. Then, accessorize with some gold hoops and a bold lip. 

For cozy-over-lazy vibes, opt for classic black leggings and a cashmere knit with your purse. The soft cashmere matches well with shearling fur and further contributes to that head-to-toe comfort an errands-running day calls for.

5) For a formal event 

Instead of opting for a classic black or beige purse when going to formal events, do something different with a textured bag like the shearling purse. The soft fur and smooth suede add texture to an outfit without beading, fringe, or another detail you might expect at a formal event. Try bringing a shearling purse with you as you weather a classic LBD and strappy heels.

6) For a winter vacation 

Heading out to a resort for a little winter getaway? A shearling purse is the perfect accessory to bring along on all your vacation endeavors. Whether you’re heading out to a coffee shop, dinner date, or going shopping around town, the shearling purse is large enough to hold all your necessities without being bulky. Pair your purse with some sleek winter boots and a puffer coat and you’re set. 

How do you take care of a shearling bag? 

Since shearling is a natural, delicate material, you’ll need to make sure you care for it properly so that it can last a lifetime. The outer part of your purse – the wool side – can easily pick up dirt and debris. If this is the case, use a pair of tweezers to remove the larger pieces. You can also shampoo the wool using a mild shampoo that’s free of dyes, sulfates, and parabens. When shampooing, just make sure that you don’t get the purse too wet because the excess moisture can grow bacteria and mildew. 

Additionally, do not store your shearling bag in any plastic bags or containers because it will lock in moisture. Instead, put them in a space out of direct sunlight that allows them to breathe. This way, you can keep your shearling purse looking brand new, even after years of use. 

Choose a high-quality shearling purse to match your aesthetic

When looking for the perfect shearling purse to add to your collection, choose one that focuses on the quality of the natural fur so it’ll last you the long haul. SENREVE’s shearling purses come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find your winter wardrobe accessory in no time.