13 Work Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 02, 2022

Feeling confident in the workplace is essential, and with the perfect business casual closet, you’ll dress to impress every day. When you feel your best, you can bring your ideas, solutions, and skills – your whole self – to the table. So dressing to impress isn’t as much about what others think of your ensemble but rather how your favorite pencil skirt paired with a black blazer makes you walk with an extra spring in your step.


However, don’t forget that professional attire doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of quintessential office apparel. With classics reimagined and an understanding of your unique style, you can cultivate a working wardrobe worthy of your work environment.


When you have the staple pieces and a good eye, there’s no stopping you from a great working lineup of garments and accessories begging to be mixed and matched. From the office to after-work drinks with colleagues, these 13 outfits can aid in your quest to conquer the day.


13 work wardrobe essentials


As the world slowly returns to the boardroom after endless Zoom calls in casual bottoms and fancy blouses, it can be a breath of fresh air to dust off your slacks and sheath dresses. It’s the opportunity to craft your power outfit and equip yourself with accessories that enable success.


  1. Button-down shirt

The button-down shirt kicks off this list because it’s the ultimate work wardrobe staple. You can opt for classic white or other neutral hues like black or beige. The shirt can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved — either way, it’s the dress shirt with staying power because it instantly elevates a look to business casual status. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a button-down with a print for a twist on this old favorite.


It’s also simple enough to easily layer during colder months or make a bold first impression on a job interview with a statement necklace. Just be sure that your button-downs are the right fit — not too revealing or too loose – to really strike that office environment ensemble.


  1. Blazer

A classic black blazer is an optimal companion for the white button-down shirt. It’s a work wardrobe essential because it’s effortless dressing for virtually any workplace. When you walk into a conference call with your perfectly tailored blazer over your shoulders, you feel prepared to take on the challenges ahead of you that day.


But, perhaps, the biggest selling point of the blazer is its versatility — its ability to complement much more than a dress shirt. It can go over a sheath dress or a sleeveless tank top and jeans. It’s the epitome of office chic and a go-to when you need that little extra something to freshen up your look.


Model wearing blazer paired with maestra backpack

The Maestra in Pebbled Sand


  1. Work pants

While skirts and dresses are certainly a work favorite, there’s nothing quite like your trusty pair of work pants. You know the ones: They look great and feel great after sitting down for hours at a time.


The most important thing when selecting the right slacks is the fit and material. They can be soft and comfortable while still retaining their durability and form. And with a button-down shirt and blazer already on this list, you already have a complete outfit ready for your next trip into the office.


The key to a work wardrobe that works is to keep comfort in the equation and understand that a good outfit should be able to get you through the day. Because at the end of the day, the clothes that you choose to wear should blend seamlessly into your lifestyle — not the other way around.


  1. Heels

Having a classic pair of black or beige heels for a professional setting completes the quintessential work outfit. You can wear them all day or put them on just for an important meeting – the choice is yours. With so many options available, you don’t have to opt for the stilettos: Pumps with much lower heel heights will fit the bill.


  1. Flats

Like heels, flats come in numerous styles, and they’re typically the go-to alternative for elevated outfits that require more than a sneaker to complete the look. Invest in neutral-colored flats, so they’ll pair nicely with any of your If heels aren’t your preferred footwear, or maybe you enjoy a variety of shoes to complement your dynamic outfit selections, then a pair of flats, in a neutral color and pattern, is a great choice.

office-approved ‘fits. But, as always, you can break the rules with a bold red shoe to perhaps match an accessory or bring out the red accents on your brand new blazer.


  1. Work bag

When you head into the office, you’ll need a bag that can carry it all — everything from your laptop to those files that need your immediate attention. But what makes a carry-it-all handbag the best work bag? Well, Senreve offers a host of arm-side co-conspirators that do not forgo fashion for function or vice versa.


You can incorporate the Gemelli tote into your working rotation for its spacious and sophisticated design. You’ll take pride and comfort in its built-in organization that enables you to seamlessly navigate the day with your every essential.


Or you can go with an all-time favorite for any work environment: the Maestra bag. It’s stunning, sleek, and capable of anything. Featuring eight interior compartments, this bag can hold up to a 15” laptop. Plus, for endless options, wear it as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack. Like all Senreve selections, it guarantees design and utility.


Model working by a desk holding handbag

The Maestra in Pebbled Merlot


  1. Trench coat

The trench coat has a similar effect as the blazer — it polishes any outfit for an instantly classic appearance. And like a lot of the items on this list, it doesn’t simply favor the visual appeal; it also serves a purpose. It can keep you warm during the changing seasons and cooler temperatures.

Layer the trench underneath on days when it’s a colder fall or spring morning. Ultimately, the trench coat will take you to and from the office with an air of put-together refinement and even a touch of mystery.


model wearing trenchcoat and purse

The Mini Doctor Bag in Charcoal


  1. Knit dress

A skimming knit dress with a modest neckline and hem length is the perfect all-in-one outfit for days when you just want to throw something on with little to no forethought and still look polished. Plus, a long-sleeve knit dress with a mock neck can keep you toasty on those chilly winter days when you still want to look and feel your best. It also pairs well with a trench coat or blazer, so you can fully maximize your other closet essentials.


  1. Basic tops

Along with the button-down shirt, having a few basic blouses to pair with your work pants or a pencil skirt is great for the weekly workplace rotation. Tops can be a place to play with color or pattern if you want to stick with a more neutral palette.

You can also have fun with necklines or the material of the blouses. A silk blouse is a chic and sleek office must-have that’s elegant and lightweight. Then there’s the long-sleeved blouse option with bell sleeves for a more whimsical look on a casual Friday.


  1. Sweater

Incorporating sweaters into your professional wardrobe is another office-appropriate way to stay warm when the thermostat is working overtime. If your work environment is often unpredictable temperature-wise, it doesn’t hurt to leave a cardigan at your desk for extra comfort. Either way, a cashmere or wool sweater is another easy pairing with work pants or pencil skirts for a classic ensemble, especially in the winter months.


Model in cashmere sweater holding bag


  1. Accessories for work

With your work bag, you might need a few additional accessories that can stand on their own or rest safely within the confines of your handbag. For lunches outside of the office, mid-day errands, or after-work drinks, keep your cash and cards secure with Senreve’s card wallet. It’s the perfectly sized wallet, coin purse, and cardholder all in one. And it fits easily inside all of our larger bags.


  1. Scarf

A scarf might not seem an obvious choice on a list of work wardrobe essentials. However, don’t underestimate its ability to take an outfit to the next level. A chunky knit scarf can keep you warm and add a touch of intrigue to your outfit, while a silk scarf can bring a pop of color or an unexpected playful element wrapped around the handle of your work bag.


Hand-stitched in 100% Italian silk, Senreve’s Women of the World scarf is a mark of sophistication, empowerment, and femininity. Whether you’re dressing up your bag, tying it in your hair or around your neck, this versatile scarf is a statement-making accessory that will seamlessly elevate your everyday look, as well as instill confidence in you like the women behind the inspiration.


  1. Belt

A belt is another timeless accessory that gives you more room to explore in your outfit creation. When you belt a knit dress or tuck a blouse into your slacks and offset the ensemble with a belt, you not only break up an outfit but give an outfit shape and a flattering silhouette.


With Senreve’s Gemelli collection — where fashion meets function and inspiration meets innovation — the Gemelli belt is sure to be your new go-to accessory. It can be worn around your waist to elevate any outfit or added to your Aria Belt bag or Coda Belt bag to seamlessly update your look.


Feel empowered in the workplace


At work, you understand the power of confidence and conviction in your ideas. You know that your wardrobe is meant to lift you up and empower a spirit of belief in your abilities. So with the above list, cultivate a wardrobe that suits your needs and makes you feel as good as you look. With any outfit, remember that garments only serve as a visual representation of your sparkling personality and innovative ideas. Explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers for coordinating, multifunctional handbags and accessories that help you feel your best at the office.