The Faces of Fall 2022

by Sara Wennerstrom / Nov 10, 2022
First, follow us to Brooklyn with Nzinga Young, of @veganzinga, a long time friend and partner of SENREVE and expert on all things vegan. Nzinga is a content creator who works to educate and inspire a healthier vegan lifestyle through recipes, fashion, and daily inspiration. Her chic style, captivating personality, and non-judgmental approach to veganism have cultivated a community of loyal followers who look to her for advice on everything from travel to vegan friendly fashion (enter, SENREVE.).

With four vegan leather options to choose from, SENREVE offers many options that fit into a plant-based lifestyle like Nzinga’s. Most recently, we launched our Vegan Terra Leather (which sold out the week after she carried it!). We were thrilled to feature Nzinga in our Fall 2022 campaign to showcase our common goal to incorporate more animal-free alternatives that never compromise style, quality, and versatility.

Midi Maestra in Vegan Terra Tundra
Cornetti Bag in Cactus Saddle
Midi Maestra in Vegan Terra Canyon

Next, we hopped on the subway to Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood to pay a visit to Lauren Devereux Burns, a mother to a new (utterly adorable) daughter Etta and a new (undeniably chic) jewelry collection. Her namesake jewelry line, Devereux, brings new life to antique pieces as a celebration of old and new. She sustainably sources recycled gold and diamonds and handcrafts each piece in NYC.

Lauren encapsulates what it means to be a SENREVE Octopi because she really does do it all. After pivoting from a career in marketing, tech, and venture capital, she found her true passion in launching her own brand. She epitomizes balance and beauty, juggling both motherhood and running her own business. So we were especially grateful that she could spend an afternoon with us for our Fall 2022 campaign.

Cadence Crossbody in Pebbled Chestnut
Barrel Bag in Pebbled Cream
Cavalla Saddle Bag in Piatta Ivory

Last stop, SoHo. Here we meet our latest girl crush, Christine Evangelista, an actress and a scorpio from Staten Island. You might recognize Christine from her roles in The Walking Dead or The Arrangement… and now she’s adding the title of founder to her resume, with the launch of her namesake lingerie line.

Christine brings her innate storytelling ability to her brand with her weekly podcast “Half Naked.” She tackles topics that tie back to what lies beneath. In discussing undergarments, she incites both humor and vulnerability from her guests, creating meaningful connections and lessons along the way. Christine is a true beauty inside and out - catch more of her in our Fall 2022 campaign.

Mini Cavalla Satchel in Piccola Azure
Aria Belt Bag in Mimosa Bordeaux
Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Blush