Last Chance | Globe Keyring | Vegan Terra


Last Chance | Globe Keyring | Vegan Terra

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Innovative Luxury For The Sustainably Minded.

This innovative new material is soft and supple, structured yet lightweight, and luxuriously durable for our most versatile bag styles. It is powered by Bio-Alloyâ„¢, a blend of lab-selected proteins combined with bio-based polymers, that enables the creation of lightweight and high-performance biofabricated vegan leather. Learn more about Vegan Terra.
Vegan Terra Leather is 100% traceable from Lab-to-Brandâ„¢. Starting with scientists in the US at Modern Meadow's labs, Bio-Texâ„¢, is crafted in Italy by artisans at Limonata, and vetted at every step through a rigorous process to ensure sustainable and fair practices. Learn more about Vegan Terra.
Easily clips onto the keyring in the interior of a SENREVE bag or can be clipped onto keys.

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