12 Best Handbag Colors To Add Into Your Collection

by Sara Wennerstrom / May 23, 2022

Functional, fashion-forward, flawless: Handbags are the gateway to great style for all occasions. With tons of shapes and sizes to choose from, the right handbag can steer your ensemble into a whole new direction. Yet, the color of a bag may be one of the most influential factors of all. Neutral colors like brown, black, or nude go beyond the confines of trends and dress codes, but there’s still space for a fiery red or a bright orange for the right occasion. Here are the 12 best handbag colors to add to your bevy of bags. 

12 best handbag colors to try

From deep and rich warm tones to tranquil cool tones, these colors are a must-have for a variety of outings. We’ll discover what makes them a good option, scenarios that favor sage green, and styling tips — sharing a few of our favorite bags along the way. So stay tuned!    

SENREVE Cadence Crossbody in Pebbled NoirCadence Crossbody in Pebbled Noir

1. Black

A classic black bag is like a staple LBD. Wear black cigarette pants, a black turtleneck, and a black clutch, and you’re instantly a woman of intrigue. So having a black purse in your collection works well for a monochromatic look, but it also matches any color, blending into any setting. From casual lunches to facing your morning commute, a classic black bag takes you wherever you need to go. 

For a black bag with maximum potential, Senreve’s sleek and capable Maestra Bag features eight interior compartments, and you can wear it as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack. Therefore, fitting right in with this shade's overarching theme of endless options. 

SENREVE Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled ChestnutAria Belt Bag in Pebbled Chestnut

2. Brown

A brown purse, like a black bag, pairs well with a host of colors and occasions. Effortlessly complementing warm colors and vibrant hues, a brown purse is decadent and delightful. Fall in love with this autumn-inspired hue. Throw it over your shoulder when leaf-peeping Vermont foliage or dress up a clutch with a floor-length gold gown. The Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Chestnut with gold hardware is an ideal brown purse; wear it as a belt bag, a sling bag, a crossbody, or a clutch. The choice is yours with this versatile selection. 

SENREVE Doctor Bag in Pebbled MerlotDoctor Bag in Pebbled Merlot

3. Red

From red lips to form-fitting red dresses, this bold color is a closet powerhouse worthy of a Whitney Houston ballad. Don a red purse for a pop of color in an otherwise subtle brunch look or go all out with a patterned statement dress and fiery sidekick. The Strati Sporta in our pebbled leather in the color merlot is a velvety burgundy that will turn heads when slung over your shoulder to finish off a strappy summer sundress. 

SENREVE Circa Bag in Pebbled CreamCirca Bag in Pebbled Cream

4. White

Similar to black and brown, a white bag is a neutral color that works well with any color or shade. Play up the freshness of white in the summertime with light, flowing fabrics like silk that glide over your silhouette. Hold the Mini Alunna in cream by hand for carefree vacation adventures when you only need your phone, keys, and cards as you take in the scenery.  

SENREVE Mini Maestra in Pebbled SandMini Maestra in Pebbled Sand

5. Tan

Sticking with lighter neutrals, tan is a great in-between shade for when you want a more subdued tinge. A stunning honey-colored light tan, the Doctor Bag in dolce butterscotch can be a radiant golden color or a true tan, depending on the lighting. Imagine golden hour cocktails at the end of a sun-filled escape from the hustle and bustle of your busy day.  

SENREVE Alunna Bag in Dolce DoveAlunna Bag in Dolce Dove

6. Light gray

A larger light gray bag is great for all of your office needs. The shade is versatile and understated, pairing well with whites, pinks, earth tones, oranges, navy blues, and more. The Gemelli Tote in dove is Senreve’s latest take on the carefree carryall. Its built-in organization enables you to seamlessly navigate the day with your essentials within arm's reach — perfect for transporting a laptop or tablet back and forth between the office and your home office. 

7. Metallic 

A metallic purse offers a broad range of possibilities since metallics can be staunchly silver or gold, but it can also be a shimmery aubergine or a sea green luster. Incorporate a metallic purse in your closet for evening looks — think clutches and small crossbody bags that elevate your night-out cocktail dress. Metallics are alluring, striking against black, and fun with brighter colors, too. 

SENREVE Maestra Bag in Pebbled ForestMaestra Bag in Pebbled Forest

8. Green

Maybe green doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of your handbag collection, but the color is having a well-deserved moment. You can always go neon or bright green for a memorable look, but a gorgeous hunter or sage green takes it down a few notches, so you can put this purse to good use on many more occasions. The Midi Maestra in sage is a medium-sized version of our beloved Maestra Bag. This Italian leather handbag is the perfect size to fit an iPad or Surface Pro. So take it to the cafe down the street to get a head start on your next article or upcoming project. This color can inspire a masterpiece. 

SENREVE Milli Maestra in Pebbled DandelionMilli Maestra in Pebbled Dandelion

9. Mustard yellow

This color is a bit retro, included among the fan favorites of autumnal delights; it’s bold like green but less bright, like sage or hunter green. It’s warm and inviting while retaining a sunny disposition. It pairs well with the obvious selections of black and white or gray, but it’s also stunning alongside jewel tones, such as amethyst or emerald. Pare down to the bare necessities with the Milli Maestra in dandelion with gold hardware. It’s the smallest version of our beloved Maestra that’s perfect for toting around your lipstick, hand sanitizer, or Airpods.

10. Orange

Once again, depending on the shade, orange can complement a variety of colors, seasons, and situations. Burnt orange is in the mustard yellow and burgundy family for fall, while a peach/coral orange is akin to spring and sun-drenched summer days. Green is a complementary color, so a sage green with a burnt orange can turn heads. Pink and orange are also a splendid duo.  

SENREVE Mini Maestra in Dragon AubergineMini Maestra in Dragon Aubergine

11. Purple

Keeping it colorful, a purple bag in lilac, violet, or lavender dares to bring exuberance to an ensemble. Purple is a color associated with royalty, so wear it alongside neutrals or navy blue to highlight the regal nature of the color. The Mini Fiore Bucket Bag in Lilac with silver hardware has just the right mixture of texture and structure to elevate your look with function and beauty.

SENREVE Mini Doctor Bag in Dolce BuffMini Doctor Bag in Dolce Buff

12. Nude

Though nude is a shade that vastly varies, it’s often associated with beige. So it’s another closet classic because of its adaptability and color collusion. Though there’s no competition between colorful and neutral bags, the neutral colors can blend effortlessly with the moment at hand. The Vegan Mini Maestra in Taupe with silver hardware is a cool-toned gray-beige. This handbag is the perfect size to fit an iPad or Kindle — ideal for travel. 

Collect them all

When it comes to your bag collection, the choice is truly yours, but we hope these 12 handbag colors inspire you to take a step outside of your comfort zone or remember to return to the classics. Ultimately, a bag should work well with your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Think of your most worn color and what would suit it best — then incorporate a stunning bag for maximum function and style. Explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers for influence, insight, and profound revelations. 

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