The 8 Best Fashionable Travel Backpacks

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 20, 2022

Women on the go need a hands-free bag to keep up with them. And though there are several contenders for the best type of travel bag, there’s one that’s particularly special: fashionable travel backpacks. The travel backpack might not be what you immediately think of when you picture a chic carry-on bag, but travel backpacks for women have transcended the youthful scholar attire. Now, backpacks are a must-have travel accessory regardless of your destination.    


So without further ado, let’s get into the best travel bags for various travel scenarios and what other important accessories you should pack in your backpack. From the best overall bag to the best vegan option for ultimate sustainability, we’ve got you covered.  


Top 8 most fashionable travel backpacks


The following travel backpacks made the list due to their travel-friendly features. Explore classic backpack options, why they work, and what you can expect from the selection. Plus, with Senreve bags, there are several ways to style a backpack. So you won’t be limited to the backpack style when you need a shoulder bag abroad.  


  1. Best general travel backpack

Earning the top spot is the bag that started it all: our Maestra bag. This bag is our top pick because it is the epitome of a fashionable travel backpack. It’s stunning, sleek, and capable of anything, no matter where you find yourself next. This comfortable fit lets you hold up to a 15” laptop, thanks to its interior pocket designed for the job.


Plus, it’s as versatile as it comes since you can wear it as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack. Keep it nestled on the top of your suitcase for a longer trip, or make it your go-to weekender bag. There’s plenty of room to bring your essentials and a change of clothes.


Woman in summery dress wearing blue backpack

The Mini Maestra Backpack


  1. Best leather daypack

Maybe you’re taking a day trip or a hike during your vacation, and you need a smaller leather backpack; our Circa bag is the perfect match. It’s a circular backpack featuring a unique flat base, so you can set it down when you need to. The smaller size makes it the ideal lightweight option that still lets you pack your phone, keys, and a snack for the road.


  1. Best carry-on backpack

Closely related to the Maestra bag, the Alunna bag is a fantastic carry-on backpack choice. While the Maestra is also up for the challenge of carrying it all, the Alunna has a slimmer profile, so it takes up less space. Plus, it can still hold a 6” Kindle and features two interior pockets and an exterior cardholder. Wear it as a backpack, held by hand, over the shoulder, or as a crossbody. With the Alunna, you’ll not only travel in style but also come prepared for whatever comes your way.


  1. Best vegan option

For an extra eco-friendly option, we offer a sustainable vegan alternative to our fan-favorite Midi Maestra bag. This 100% plant-based vegan leather material, called Vegan Terra, looks just like leather. And all Vegan Terra styles feature a new interior eco-lining that features a supple nappa-like finish in Senreve’s signature blue. This medium-sized bag is a travel companion's best friend since it’s spacious without being bulky – and all while being environmentally sustainable.


  1. Best travel backpack for a night out

When you’re away on vacation, you want outfit options. And most people come prepared with ensembles for nights out in exciting locations. But the last thing you want is to pack way too much, crammed into a tiny carry-on suitcase. The Mini Maestra is the small version of our Maestra, so you can have all of the organization and style of the Maestra while taking up much less space in your luggage. Wear it as a crossbody to also transcend from day to night with ease.


  1. Most lightweight travel backpack

Usually, the smaller the bag, the more lightweight it is — since there’s also less room to bring everything with you. The Mini Alunna once again has everything beloved about the Maestra style or the larger Alunna style, but with less weight. The bag features an exterior cardholder and two interior pockets, with a central compartment that fits up to an iPhone Pro or 6" phone. Wear it in the backpack style for walks during the day and hold it by hand for evenings roaming along the Seine.


  1. Best large travel backpack

Senreve’s Armonica bag is one of the larger options in our lineup, but what makes it the choice for the best large travel backpack is its incredible organizational features. On the outside, there are two pockets (a slip pocket and a hidden back pocket) to ensure easy access to your essentials. Plus, a zip pocket closure ensures your belongings are always secure.


The sleek bag’s interior comes with a pen pocket, tablet pocket, phone pocket, and key ring. Oh, and if you’re looking for something a bit bigger beyond the backpack style, check out our Armonica tote.


  1. Most stylish women’s travel backpack

The Maestra bag in the dragon embossed leather material really takes a travel backpack to the next level of function and form. Since it mimics the texture and color variation of a crocodile, every bag is one of a kind. So you can have a laptop backpack like no one else.


Try wearing it as a backpack at the airport that can fit perfectly under the seat in front of you on the plane. And then, when you get to your destination, wear it as a tote for a trip to the beach, so you can bring along your beach read, sunblock and sunglasses without sacrificing space.


Must-have accessories when traveling


Now, you have the bag, but what about the other accessories that you can store in your travel backpack to make your life a little easier? Read on to learn more about some of the must-haves you can put in your travel backpack or your suitcase.


  • Glasses case

For tropical vacations or trips during the summer months, it’s a great idea to keep glasses on your person to protect your eyes. And a glasses case is especially important if you’re storing your prescription glasses while lounging on the beach. Our Lunettes case is the ideal lightweight carrier.


Made of supple vegan cactus leather with snap closure, it also features a clip-on ring to attach to any of our bags, so you never lose sight of your valuables that help you sight-see on the go.


  • Belt bag

It might be another bag, but a belt bag is a traveler’s dream companion. And the Aria Belt bag is anything but ordinary. This updated twist on the classic fanny pack is effortlessly structured and captivating for another hands-free, lightweight approach to travel. Instead of only wearing it around your waist, you can style it as a crossbody, sling, or clutch. This style of bag lets you store your valuables in front of your person so you can have an eye on them at all times.


  • Passport holder

When traveling outside of the country, the number one item on your packing list is your passport. Keep your passport, ID, credit cards, and other necessities safe and secure with Senreve’s passport holder. Made with our classic pebbled leather, it has a supple, scratch-resistant finish. The skin is tumbled at the tannery, giving a high-quality and enduring result.


  • Jewelry bag

By storing your jewelry in a secure place made to minimize the risks of tangling, you can top off your evening wear with added ease. The jewelry bag with sections made for organization is great when traveling, but when you arrive at your final destination, you can rest your pieces in our jewelry tray. Plus, it’s small enough to store in a travel backpack compartment.  


  • Card case

For those nights out when you don’t want to take up too much space in your bag with a bulky wallet, pack a sleek and slim card case instead. Our Wave card case favors the allure of sophisticated minimalism. The folded leather case design lets you safely store cards with a snap of a button. Plus, slide it into the pockets of any of your Senreve bags or carry it by hand when popping out to the coffee shop across the street from your hotel.


  • Laptop sleeve

Though several of the travel backpacks listed above have secure laptop compartments, you can pack an additional leather-bound Envelope Laptop sleeve to effortlessly fit your laptop and work documents on business trips. The main compartment fits up to a 13” MacBook.


Woman holding tan laptop sleeve

The Laptop Sleeve in Pebbled Chestnut


Carry a multi-faceted travel backpack


When you include a travel backpack in your wardrobe, these dynamic pieces let you roam the world in style. And they’re great for local trips to the market, too. With a durable and convertible backpack, there’s no limiting you to one occasion or one activity. So to a trip to Senreve’s collection of backpacks and don a quality leather bag as you jet set. With a range of sizes, colors, and styles, you can find carry-on made for you.