The 7 Best Belt Bags: The Multifaceted Accessory for the Modern Woman

by Sara Wennerstrom / Aug 15, 2022

Belt bags aren't your average fanny pack, though the concept is essentially the same: a bag made to strap around your waist. Over the years, the belt bag modernized this ‘90s street style staple, making them more desirable, sleek, sophisticated, sometimes sporty, and always accessible.


But with this hands-free look, you might be wondering what are the best belt bags and how should I choose a waist pack or hip pack that suits my needs? Well, you’ve come to the right place.


What is a belt bag?


A belt bag is typically fashioned around your midsection, sitting just above your hips, with the pouch portion for your belongings typically worn in front of you. You may know it by a different name: “Fanny pack.” However, that name refers to a different way of wearing a belt bag altogether. It comes from the British preference to wear it across your lower back, right above your bum.


The bag goes by many names, from the common to the obscure, like moon bag or belly bag, but these days, “belt bag” is widely accepted terminology. Their rise in popularity largely stems from their practical origins as a convenient accessory for storing all of your purse essentials on the go without slinging a bag across your shoulders or holding something in your hands.


Model wearing a brown leather belt bag

Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Chestnut


The 7 best belt bags


Without further ado, let’s get into the main event: the best belt bags for a woman whose life is bursting with adventure.


  1. Classic belt bag

Nothing beats the simplicity of a belt bag attached effortlessly at the waist with all your essentials at the ready. It’s the perfect transit bag to carry your lip balm, phone, keys, and credit cards securely. Yet it doesn’t have to evoke images of the cliched tourist with a floppy hat and Hawaiian shirt ensemble.


With SENREVE’s Aria Belt Bag, you’ll have an upgraded version of the classic look, complete with three interior pockets that can fit up to an iPhone 13 Pro Max. But beyond its effortless appearance, this bag’s easily adjustable belt lets the wearer switch seamlessly between a sling bag, a crossbody, or a clutch for upscale occasions.


  1. Convertible belt bag

A convertible belt bag is a style that offers options. It understands the assignment of a highly portable purse that works with the wearer to adjust to a variety of circumstances. That’s why Senreve always prioritizes function and form — the Coda Belt Bag is the perfect example of this love of structure and style.


The Italian leather convertible belt bag can be worn in multiple ways: as a belt bag, a sling bag, a crossbody, or a clutch. And it features an exterior cardholder and two interior pockets, while the central compartment fits up to an iPhone XS Max.

Mini Cavalla Satchel in Piccola Leather

  1. Elevated belt bag

Meet the Mini Cavalla Satchel, a bag that pays homage to our classic Aria Belt Bag styles, with a new Cavalla buckle, inspired by our classic Maestra tab. With the included leather strap, you can style it as a shoulder bag or use the strap as a closure and wear it as a clutch. Featuring two D-Rings on each gusset, you can add-on any of our Chains and Straps.


The Mini Cavalla Satchel is handcrafted from our new Piccola leather, one of our softest yet. With a tumbled texture, it has moderate water resistance and shine. In signature SENREVE style, this bag has the perfect balance of external (slip pocket for your phone) and internal pockets (zipper and card slots) to organize your life on-the-go.


  1. Sporty belt bags

For a more sporty look, you can opt for a generally budget-friendly belt bag made out of nylon or another easily flexible material. The sporty look is more reminiscent of the classic ‘80s fanny pack that you might see a fitness instructor wearing with leg warmers. But you’d be surprised by the durability of a quality leather bag.


Ultimately, a sporty belt bag is up to personal preference and the conditions of the occasion. For an intense outing with unpredictable weather, a water-repellent hip pack with numerous zippered pockets could do just the trick.


  1. Mini belt bags

The mini belt bag is great for when you want a few basic items close at hand. A miniature version of the standard belt bag size, the mini can fluctuate in design and even size depending on the brand. Utilize this type of bag for a bold statement to complete your daring ensemble for the full dramatic effect.


  1. Oversized belt bags

On the other end of the spectrum, the oversized belt bag offers maximum room for when you want to ditch the restrictions of traveling light. With the possibility of extra zip pockets and plenty of space, you won’t have to leave that water bottle behind. Depending on the spaciousness of the bag, it might be best to wear it across your chest or slung across your back, similar to a backpack.


  1. Colorful belt bags

Whether you’re looking for a pop of color or an explosive pattern bursting with pastel hues, the colorful belt bag is a great way to make a statement. Pull from your outfit to bring out that electric shade of blue or demure violet. The Aria Belt bag in lavender is sure to fulfill all of your springtime fantasies of picnics in the park and ankle-length sundresses. Plus, it comes in 17 eye-catching colors, including marine, mint, and merlot.




What to look for in a belt bag

Here are some main features to look out for when selecting the perfect belt bag.


  • - MaterialFor a belt bag that can withstand the test of time and your adventures, go with a long-lasting material, like leather or high quality vegan leather.


  • - Size. The size and shape of the bag or certainly up to personal preference. But for a bag that you’ll get the most use out of, picture your typical week and what size makes the most sense for your lifestyle.


  • - Utility. A sleek and visually appealing belt bag has its appeal, but you know you’ve found a winner when it’s functional and fashionable. So don’t skimp on function over form when you can have both.


  • - Adjustable. Around your waist, the bag can offer the optimal hands-free experience. However, when the strap is easily adjustable to accommodate different styles, then you’re only increasing its potential.


  • - Pockets. At the end of the day, a bag with pockets will help you to keep your stuff organized and extra secure. Look for pockets with zippers for some of your more valuable, smaller items.


  • - Easy access. A big appeal of the belt bag is accessibility — the freedom to walk around and reach into your bag with ease to find your keys. So make sure the bag lives up to that promise of usefulness.

SENREVE model wearing the Coda belt bag



How should you wear a belt bag?


With the right belt bag that’s easily adjustable, you can wear the item in several chic and safe ways. Wear it casually off-center around the waist to guard your belongings; sling it over your shoulder for the quintessential handbag moment; or wear it crossbody style.

As a bonus option,
rock the bag as a clutch, which SENREVE makes possible thanks to the ability to remove the belt completely. Wear this reserved belt in the traditional style paired with your favorite denim jeans or black slacks. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and there’s no wrong way to wear a well-crafted belt bag.



Maximize function and form


With tons of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from, the belt bag is here to stay, thanks to its convenient nature. And with SENREVE’s collection of belt bags, you don’t have to limit yourself to one style. They’re all easily convertible for a variety of looks. From the trendy streetwear accessory slung across your chest to the signature waist moment, Senreve belt bags unlock a world of options.