The Top 5 Designer Leather Handbags Under $1000

by GR0 Collaborator / Apr 01, 2020

For the SENREVE woman, the best designer handbags are more than an accessory, but rather functional staples that help her get from point A to point B in style. They represent an extension of every woman and act as a business card to tell others what she represents. Having a quality handbag is just as important as investing in the car you drive and the hairstyle you wear.

But, the SENREVE woman is also a responsible investor, and, as with any investment, setting a budget upfront is important. Often, the least expensive designer handbags are either clutch bags or totes. If you carry fewer items in your purse, a clutch bag or wallet on a chain is a great way to get a designer bag at a less expensive cost. If, on the other hand, you tend to carry more items regularly, a designer tote bag is the way to go, as it's a great investment that gives you extra space. 

Here is a list of our top designer handbag picks under $1,000:

1. SENREVE Maestra Bag

Price: $895 USD

Type: Convertible Handbag 

Stunning, sleek, and capable of anything, our Maestra Bag carries it all with 8 interior compartments including a padded sleeve that can fit up to a 13” laptop, while the central compartment fits up to a 15” laptop. This convertible leather handbag can be worn in multiple ways: as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack - so you've got options.

The Maestra Bag is 100% made in Italy out of genuine leather and has a stain-resistant, microsuede interior. There is a small exterior back compartment and a flap closure with a collar stud belt, along with a hidden zipper to add extra security, and metal feet to help protect the base. 

This high-quality leather handbag offers versatility, practicality, color choice, and function -- everything demanded by the active lifestyle of the modern woman. 

Additionally, SENREVE is a sustainable company that also offers lifetime warranties on our products, and we carry all of our handbags in multiple styles and colors to truly fit the woman you are.

2. SENREVE Doctor Bag

Price: $895 USD

Type: Convertible Handbag

If you’re looking for a rectangular bag that’s just as big and versatile as the Maestra, then look no further than the Doctor Bag. The Doctor Bag offers a more relaxed look compared to the Maestra, but it’s still stunning and sleek enough to bring to your most important work meetings. One great feature of the Doctor Bag is the ability to change the entire shape of the bag. So if you’re running to get coffee with a friend you can push out the sides to give it a less structured and more casual look. However, once you’re on your way back to work, you can push the sides back in for a more structured and formal look. 

Like the Maestra Bag, the Doctor Bag is made with 100% Italian leather with a microsuede interior that’s totally stain resistant. It is very functional thanks to 2 exterior compartments, 7 interior compartments, and a flap closure alongside an extra zipper closure for complete security. It’s even big enough to fit a 12” laptop inside the main compartment without looking too big and bulky. 

Finally, the Doctor Bag comes with a removable crossbody strap so that you can wear the bag on your arm, over your shoulder, or as a crossbody bag. With amazing leather colors like sand, chestnut, merlot, and marine -- you really can’t go wrong with a Doctor Bag

3. SENREVE Voya Tote

Price: $895 USD

Type: Tote

If you think that tote bags can’t be stylish -- think again. The Voya Tote from SENREVE is the epitome of style and elegance while still being functional and versatile. This designer handbag is a great pick if you have a lot of things to tote around. It can even fit a 15” laptop inside or a 14” laptop in a removable microsuede laptop compartment. In addition, it comes with 7 interior pockets for your phone, keys, sunglasses, lipstick, etc. and a large zippered compartment for loose items that you want to keep extra safe. Even so, you have nothing to worry about with the full closure zipper and an additional collar stud belt closure. 

This is the perfect bag if you’re always on the go and experience long days away from home. That way, you can always have all your necessities alongside you to help you get through every step of your day. The high-quality Italian leather material comes in our Mimosa, Dolce, or Pebbled leathers, and comes in beautiful colors like forest green, cream, blush, and noir black. 

4. SENREVE Aria Belt Bag

Price: $395 USD

Type: Belt Bag

Big bags not really your style? Then this SENREVE Aria Belt Bag is the perfect fit for a minimalist who only needs the essentials. The Aria Belt Bag is a stylish and designer play on a classic fanny pack but with way more flexibility. It can be worn as a belt bag, a sling bag, a crossbody bag, or even carried as a clutch. The beautiful leather strap can easily be swapped out with a chain strap for a fancier look.

This tiny bag packs a big punch with 3 interior pockets and can fit up to an iPhone 8 Plus. It also is available in a vegan leather option that’s 100% vegan, from the leather itself to the lining and everything in between.

5. SENREVE Crossbody Bag

Price: $575 USD

Type: Crossbody

The SENREVE Crossbody Bag is the perfect middle road if you want something bigger than a belt bag but smaller than a tote. This bag can fit up to an iPad Mini inside the main compartment. In addition, it can easily be converted to be worn over the shoulder, as a clutch, or as a wristlet with a removable bracelet pouch. It also comes with a leather strap and a chain strap so that you can easily swap between straps for a night out.

This bag is very secure with a collar stud belt flap closure. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Finally, it comes in a variety of colors ranging from spearmint to coral, dandelion, ice, lilac, and more. 

How to Choose the Handbag That’s Right For You 

What makes a handbag both practical and beautiful? It should fit your style while also being comfortable and versatile. Here are a few tips to help ensure you choose the right handbag.

It Should be Comfortable

A handbag, like anything else, has to have a comfort level that works for you and your style. It must sit comfortably on your shoulder or arm without sliding off or digging into your skin. Make sure the way the bag is designed to be carried works for you. Can it only be carried by the handles? Across your body? The look of the handbag might be ideal, but if it’s too uncomfortable, it’s not worth it. That’s why almost all SENREVE handbags are designed to be worn multiple ways, offering options and versatility. 

It Shouldn’t Be Too Heavy

Sometimes, extra metal details can weigh down a leather handbag, causing them to be heavy even when they are empty. When your handbag is too heavy, not only can it cause back or shoulder pain, but it also means the straps are likely to become worn out more quickly. Make sure you test out the bag and try to notice how heavy it is. Remember you’ll also be adding all of your personal items to it, as well, which can make it extremely heavy and unrealistic for everyday use. 

It Should Have the Right Amount of Pockets

The “right” number of pockets will depend on your needs. Do you want something that has 1 central pocket? A central divider? Do you prefer something which has a special spot for your phone? 

Pockets are key to keeping the contents of your purse organized, and if this is important to you, then we recommend investigating how many pockets (and what kind) you need in the handbag of your dreams.

It Should be Versatile

There may be a bag for every occasion (such as an evening bag), but for your everyday bag, you should go with something that can be dressed up and down with a color pattern that matches your style.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to your handbags versatility: 

  • - It needs to be formal enough that you can wear it with your work attire
  • - It needs to be casual enough to use on the weekends 
  • - It needs to go with most of the colors in your current wardrobe 
  • - You should be able to grab it on your way out the door, regardless of what you are wearing

Final Thoughts

Buying a new handbag is a difficult process and an individual investment decision that should be based on your wardrobe and color palette, your functional needs, and ultimately your personality

Remember, the main function of any handbag, even a designer one, is to help you organize all of the necessities you carry with you daily. In modern times, this functionality no longer has to be a tradeoff with beauty, and as a SENREVE woman, you really can have it all.